Ethics of Euthanasia

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The topic of Euthanasia has always been a very debated subject. With most people being proponent to euthanasia, there is still a large amount of people and human right groups that are against ending human life by the way of euthanasia. According to Cambridge dictionary, euthanasia is relieving an extremely ill patient who is suffering from incurable disease.

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Euthanasia has been a controversial issue globally as people have differences in their opinions and moral values. In addition, Otlowski (1997) says that there are many countries like Canada, US, Australia, where euthanasia is being practised illegally and doctors faced a lot criticism when exposed. On the one hand, Hitchcock (2016) claims that the longing for death comes from terminally ill people who feel hopelessness.

Moreover, some people also believe that act of euthanasia is morally wrong. On the other hand, Healey (2008), commences that thousands of patient die from terminal illness and death remains difficult and painful not just for patients but also for doctors and family. While, some authors believe that euthanasia should be up to the patients only, others argue that it will be misused badly. But, over the last few years the number of patients demanding legal euthanasia has been increased steadily. This report will demonstrate that, the attitude of the people towards euthanasia is controversial. First, the existing literature review and methods for this research will be discussed, after that data collection will be mentioned and finally a discussion with recommendations will be highlighted. Interpretation and findings Information of this survey has been sourced from various students.

We conducted a survey on the controversies of euthanasia in the society . Most questions were focused on their opinion and legality about euthanasia. This drew the personal knowledge about the topic. Overall the participants were suggesting that euthanasia should be legal globally but few of them said that it’s not ethical and it will be misused by doctors and patients. Around 51.4% of them agreed that euthanasia should be legal globally. Because euthanasia is illegal in most of the countries. Moreover, 73.5% said it is ethical to relive a patient from their pain if their diseases are incurable. In addition, 65.7% of people think that people should have right to choose when they want to die legally. However, 73.5% believe that euthanasia will be misused once it will be legalized globally. Respondents were also asked whether they want to have an option of ending their life if diagnosed with terminal illness and most of them agreed to have this option. The survey questions showed difference in the opinion of people about euthanasia. The survey showed that more than half of respondents were in favour of euthanasia and they want it legal globally.

On the other hand, only 26.5% says that it is not ethical and it should not be practised.

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