Ethics Issues in Plastic Surgery

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    If someone mentions Plastic Surgery what are your first reactions towards it? Do you think about all the famous people who reconstruct their body? , Or something that is truly dangerous and deadly? Where plastic surgeons add implants and other things into people’s body’s to get them to look like someone famous. I personally think that plastic surgery is usually for people who can afford spending money on reconstructing their body to however they want. The world has adapted to a really bad habit where people think plastic surgery is a good thing.

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From life changing medical procedures and sparing lives, by very qualified specialists, to giving individuals more certainty and disposing of sadness, plastic medical procedure gives all that and the sky’s the limit from there. Regardless of the few dangers and medical issues that plastic medical procedure may cause, all the constructive outcomes that it gives are certainly justified regardless of the dangers. Many people are strong believers that God made us the way he truly wanted, by having plastic surgery you go against God by wanting to change something he chose for a person. One main reason surgery was invented was to help and alleviate pain not for beauty. This creates many ethical problems in the world. Plastic surgery may have its benefits but there are many downfalls like increase in psychological effects on young adults, chances of a plastic surgery’s coming out wrong, it also makes society think that it’s okay to change and not be yourself.


         Plastic Surgery can be very beneficial if someone is at risk of dying. There has been multiple situations where a person is obese and it’s morally right for a person to get care and help them with their problem. Where surgent can get rid of their extra fat they carry on their body only due to the fact they are risking a heart stroke even maybe losing their lives. According to the article ?Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery’ it state, The advantages of plastic surgery are no doubt dramatic, like the ability to use a hand, remove skin cancer or close an open wound, or subtle like cosmetic or skin surgery or rhinoplasty for a young woman etc. Cosmetic surgery has become one of the most common events in the lives of people of all age groups, after all everyone takes due advantage from this processes. The motive behind the surgery can be any, removing birthmarks or unattractive looking scars, re-scaling of noses, get rid of enlarged breasts or any other problem. The sole purpose behind plastic surgery is to get a good appearance and therefore to enhance self-confidence. Plastic Surgery yes has its benefits but a person must know that it should only be used for appropriate manners such as take care of  birth defects,

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