Ethical Evaluation in Human Cloning

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Ethical evaluation in human cloning remains to be debatable since there hasn’t been adequate evidence to showcase that this scientific pursuit is dangerous. In most arguments presented by opposing policymakers and scientists, it is implied that human cloning is an impending disaster whose implications would affect humankind in the future. The article presented herein explores this controversial topic under the lens of the current stance that the globe takes on human cloning from an ethical perspective.

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The article notes that great inventions and discoveries have been made through trial and error thus eliciting the need to allow human cloning to be tried under a controlled setting. On the same note, the discussion progresses to point out that a thin line does exist between an ethical dilemma presented in the topic as well as the need to act accordingly in the quest to improve the quality of life. In the succeeding section, a discussion regarding the risks associated with non-legalization of cloning is presented to elicit an audience response as emphasized in the conclusion section.


Human cloning is a controversial ethical topic of all times that has stirred intense debates between scientists, policymakers, religions and the public over the recent past decades. While the pursuit of science in this debatable field has been limited, it is clear from the ongoing attempts of cloning in different parts of the world that cloning is gaining popularity in medicine. Cloning is seen as a possible breakthrough to cure diseases and alter desirable human development that can last longer than the contemporary average human. The text presented herein takes a rather different stance to endorse the potential and promise that cloning holds in the face of humanity. While cloning remains on the lens of ethical evaluation, it is still unexplored to its capacity to gauge its impact on humanity and thus should not be declared unethical until there is adequate evidence to showcase its disastrous implications.

Current Stance on Cloning

Cloning has been deemed by a significant fraction of the world’s population as an unacceptable act that triggers with the existing equilibrium of nature through the law of natural selection (Arsanjani, 2004). Arguments have been concentrated on religious, political and scientific stands which regard the act of cloning as playing God or playing as mother nature in the scientific realm. Opposing scientists mention that cloning could interfere with a genetic variation that has been naturally ingrained in all species for survival (Arsanjani, 2004). The cultivation of an exact copy of a species would thus eliminate the uniqueness of an organism, and thus this implies that a single effect on a host implies the same degree and effect on all clones of the host (Arsanjani, 2004). On a religious stance point of view,

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