Ethical Decision Making In Health/Social Care

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Ethical decision making is a good thing to all the clinical psychological practices which is by the formulated ethical frameworks of the ceiling professional. For every professional, it is important to be ethical mindful of the ethical basis and practices that are required for each, and everyone qualifies a member of a given profession. In deterring this topic, we must defy the terminologies used to make sense of the whole discipline.

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Ethical decision making is defined as the process used by clinicians or even cancellers to define their actions and the choices they make. This issue is drowning from the professional values, standards and behavior that are informed by the practices (Ruger, 2004). The whole practice involves gathering information, facts to help determine whether the problem or a dilemma exist in the context of the decision. Professional makes use of the framework of the client right and the professional responsibility to make a good decision. It also gives a process of making a divergent cause of action and their application as applied by the client. This also chooses the light of the conflicting values and principles as well as the responsibilities that are used to determine the individual interest. Is guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct under section 139B of the National Law in that the practitioner has: Engaged in the misconduct that demonstrates the Knowledge of the skills and judgment that is possessed or is care exercise by the professional on the practice of psychology. There are some particulars that are very important to the practitioner but were not followed in this case. The practitioner must notice that when two of the particulars are not well followed, there should be found that can tell the practitioner that the findings are right. This also shows that the finding is justified. The other part Is that the practitioner failed to provide and adulate environment for the treatment of Patient A. he did this by failing to review the temporary diagnosis of the drugs during the therapy. The practitioner failed to provide adequate care and treatment to Patient A in that he: Failing to consider another therapy means failing to form a clear and strict relationship with the patient. There was also no proper care treatment to patient A in the sense that he suggested to the patient to review material such the book, the photography work of the Hamilton, and some sexually related material which did not make any sense to the patient In the year 2011, the practitioner failed to correctly manage the reference and counter-transference issues of the patient which are related to the patient A .this is through failure to seek an advisory opinion from a senior and a more experienced collogues. He also failed to terminate treatment of the talent and offer a transfer to the patient.

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