Essential Elements of a Business Plan

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In this competitive business environment a business plan acts as a roadmap for a successful business. To start a new business the most important document which is need at first is a business plan. It may be used for internal purpose as well as external purpose.

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Every business need a business plan before start it. Whether the business is large or small, profitable or non profitable, it require a effective business plan. Especially it is more require for a large business than a medium scale or small scale business because the function and structure of am large business is more complex than a small business. This study discuss about various field of business plan. The main part of this study consists of the definition of business plan, content of business plan, objectives of business plan, interested parties of business plan, how to write business plan, challenges behind business plan, common pitfalls of business plan, physical factor of entrepreneurship which is essential for a business plan. The success or failure of a business largly depends on an effective business plan.

Definition of business plan

A plan indicating the whole processes how a new business will achieve its objectives more effectively and efficiently is a known as a business plan. In other words, a formal statement of achieving goals is a business plan. Setting a business goal and achieving the goal is a business plan. Different types of information of a business including the nature of business, the function of business, available raw material, competitor of the business and target market of the business etc contains in a business plan. By seeing a business plan anyone get a clear idea of the whole business. That means it describes the whole business and achieving its goals. All operational, marketing, financial or managerial functions are detail described in a business plan. Business plan is also used for an established business when a changes occurs in it or it wants achieve its objective more effectively.

Content of business plan

A business plan is a written document that describes the products and services of business, required resources, the opportunity, threats, strengths and weakness of business, target financial returns, environment, and different strategy to achieve its objectives. A business plan always answers three basic questions. These are where we are now? Where we want to go? How we will go there. The goals or objectives of business plan determined the context of business plan. Since business plan is a systematic way of achieving objectives of business. The process of setting objectives of a business , analysis the reason of why objectives is so important and taking different strategy to achieve those objectives all contains in a business plan.

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