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Bank Al Habib

Executive Summary This write-up contains a review of the financial statements of four different banks across the globe. The basic purpose of this report is to link the information we obtain from books and lectures and class learning with the real & practical world. The information in this write up is from the annual reports […]

Banking Financial Mauritian

During the past 10 years, there have been great changes in the Mauritian banking sector and this is a continuing process that will not stop here. This is mostly because of fast innovations in the financial markets and the internationalization of the financial flows. Other factors like technological development and deregulation have both triggered competitive […]

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Banking system

INTRODUCTION A bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers, to borrow and to lend money. ‘BANK’ the name is derived from the italian word ‘banco’ , which means ‘desk/bench’. The history of banks pave their way back to 3rd millenium B.C.They were probably the religious […]

Banks and credit available to SMEs

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION In the process of industrialization small business plays an important and economic growth. It increases per capital income and output, makes available employments for the labour market and usually promotes successful deployment of resources which are considered vital to steering of economic development and growth. It is presumed that the lower income […]

Banks Financial Institutions | Finance Dissertations

Banking and Finance Factors Influencing the Financial Institutions in the UK With Particular Reference to Credit Crunch A Comparative Study between Barclays and Northern Rock Bank I- Abstract Banks acts as intermediaries between surplus units depositing funds and investors or individuals seeking capital for investments. Thus, banks role is important in maintaining the flow of […]

Behavior Around Earnings Announcement Events For Emerging Markets

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Research Question Stock prices show a tendency to behave in a manner not consistent with what current finance theory proposes or expects. This gap may be the result of flawed assumptions presently used as a basis in existing theory. Conventional modern finance theory rests on the assumption of investor rationality. […]

Board Characteristics And Corporate Performance In Tunisia

Abstract Drawing upon prior empirical research on the potential endogeneity of both ownership structure and firm performance in developed markets, this study examines the reverse causations that can exist between corporate performance and ownership structure in Tunisian listed companies. The study was extended to include another governance mechanism – board characteristics – as the principal […]

BOC Group Industrial

1.0 BACKGROUND 1.1 THE COMPANIES 1.1.1 BOC The BOC Group is one of the major producers of industrial gases in the world. Its major products include the atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon and the rare gasses, neon, krypton and zenon) produced by the separation of air by plants chiefly of its own design and manufacture. […]

The Bombay Stock Exchange Market Capitalization

Central Public sector Undertakings and Public Sector Financial Institutions (CPSEs and PSFIs) were seen as white elephants and cash cows during the 1960s 70s and 80s. After the liberalization from the early 90s the continuous losses, operational and administrative inefficiencies have created a number of problems for them. However at the same time, so many […]

Bridging The Theory To Practice Gap

Dissertation/Project Overall Aims and Objectives The globalisation of markets have led to increased opportunities for Domestic Companies (DCs) to flourish into Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and to penetrate new economies thus expanding their operations into foreign markets. Albeit, there are significant benefits associated with this, there are also a number of inherent risks which are associated […]

Capital Portfolio Estimation

1.0 INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Central to many financial decisions such as those relating to investment, capital budgeting, portfolio management and performance evaluation is the estimation of the cost of equity or expected return. There exist several models for the valuation of equity returns, prominent among which are the dividend growth model, residual income model and […]

Capital Structure And Profitability Relationship For Ftse Firms

The capital structure of a firm has long been a much debated issue for academic studies and in the corporate finance world. It is the way a firm finances its assets through some combination of equity, debt, or hybrid securities – the composition or ‘structure’ of its liabilities. In reality, capital structure may be highly […]


Chapter I The QUARREL ON THE CAPM: A LITERATURE SURVEY Abstract The current chapter has attempted to do three things. First it presents an overview on the capital asset pricing model and the results from its application throughout a narrative literature review. Second the chapter has argued that to claim whether the CAPM is dead […]

Capturing The Real Value Of High Tech Acquisitions

The fast rate of technological change was one of the most important trends in the 1990s and this brought an increasing complexity and cost to the development of new technologies. Companies used their innovative assets as a major source of competitive advantage to quickly introduce new products and adopt new processes (Sen and Egelhoff, 2000). […]

Cash Flow And Profitability Of Dividend Payout

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Overview The issue of dividend has been studied comprehensively in last few decades. Still it remained as one of the most debatable issue in the field of Finance. The contradictory nature and massive importance 0f dividend in finance had made it one of the most discussable topics for researchers. Researchers in the […]

Central Bank Inflation | Finance Dissertations

Abstract This paper analyses and explains the effects of central bank independence on a country’s inflation rates and its economic performance thereafter. It deals with the benefits believed to come along with independence and the delegation of monetary policy to the central bank, the determinants and accuracy of the index of central bank independence (CBI), […]

Central Revenue Information Office

“To implement the new Central Revenue Information Office and reflect on the change management lessons of implementing a major front-line project.” Abstract The purpose of this project was to undertake a major customer service improvement project, while at the same time improving change management learning, centred on improved engagement with staff. The project also focussed […]

The Challenge

Objective This document sets out a final and comprehensive report for all stakeholders and partners of The Challenge Reality TV Project initiated by British Council Ghana in June 2007. The Council co-produced and co-sponsored the reality TV to deliver a programme which mixes academic excellence and the competitive spirit to create an intelligent, powerful and […]

Challenges Of A Budget Deficit For School Leaders

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.0 Introduction Wildavsky (1986) has raised pertinent question about the evolution of budgeting at school level in these words: From the time the caterpillar of budgetary evolution became the butterfly of budgetary reform, the line-item budget had been condemned as a reactionary throwback to its primitive larva. Budgeting, its critics claim, has […]

CSR-CFP relationship

Is there any relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance in FTSE 100 (Financial Times Stock Exchange) companies? Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION In today’s business world the phrase corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a relevant and frequently discussed topic. By definition it is the non-profit activities engaged by a business concern that aids […]

Currency Risk Management

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The objective of the project is to study the attitude of Indian corporates towards currency risk management and the problems faced by the companies dealing with their currency exposure which occur as a result of exports or imports or both. The study has also included the problems faced by the banks, the authorised […]

Current Global Financial Crisis And Islamic Financial System

The entire world is now in the grip of financial crisis which is most severe since the Great Depression 1930s. It has taken about $3 trillion of bailout and liquidity injecting by number of countries to lessen the intensity of the crisis. Hence, there is a need to restructure the financial world that would help […]

Current Situation Of The Major Uk Banking Institutions

Introduction Overview: In this dissertation report, I discuss the current situation of the major UK banking institutions in face of the credit crunch and the recessionary economic conditions. It represents an analysis of the main trends in the performance of five major UK banks: the Royal Bank of Scotland, Northern Rock, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group […]

Demand of derivatives investment

ABSTRACT This research investigates the demand of derivatives investment by Malaysian. On the whole the main purpose of this dissertation is to study, analyse and discuss about the usage of derivatives by Malaysian company or individual resident. The research paper is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 introduces derivatives and identification of the research problems. […]

Derivative Market Management | Finance Dissertations

Derivative Structures in the Market and Their Place in Corporate Portfolio Management Abstract Derivatives are financial instruments that do not hold independent value, but where instead the value of the instrument is based on the underlying value of a given asset, which can range from financial assets such as stocks, bonds and market indexes to […]

Determinants Of Debt Maturity Structures In Pakistan

The decision made in corporate finance observed two main areas of interest. Besides the debt versus equity decision making. The factors of debt maturity also had the same importance. Optimal capital structure theories suggest many ways in which firms can adjust overtime to target debt ratio. Among these include the use of different mixes of […]

Determining The Profitability Of A Financial Institution

CHAPTER 1 Rapid changes in financial service industries make it essential to determine the profitability of financial institution. Banks plays a key role in financial market of a country and for this it’s very important to evaluate that bank operate in efficient manner also what are the factors which affect the profitability of banks. A […]

Development Of Government Bond Market In Nigeria

CHAPTER 1 Background Finance plays an increasingly important role in economic growth and development of nations around the world. These roles are in many different forms, they include but not limited to channelling savings towards investment. The level of sophistication of a financial system is important and to a large extent determines the overall level […]

Did Rapid Expansion Cause Icelandic Banks To Fail

Are banks just too big to fail? In October 2008, as the impact of the global financial crisis, three largest commercial banks in Iceland, namely Glitnir, Landsbanki and Kaupthing successively placed into receivership by the government (Lyall, 2008), and forced to seek the International Monetary Fund bailout. However, the three banks represented 85% of total […]

Differences Between Islamic Securitisation And Conventional Securitisation

Introduction: According to the topic of discussing the differences between Islamic securitisation and conventional securitisation, the discussion will lead to the satisfactory aspects of comprehensive analysis of the information gathered during the research. Moreover, it continues with the Islamic securitisation structure on the qualitative as well as quantitative basis according to the difference from the […]

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