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A famous Mexican surrealist artist Frida Kahlo

Frida kahlo was a famous Mexican surrealist artist whose life was filled with physical and emotional pain, yet her enthusiasm for art kept her alive which can be seen through the quote I am not sick, I am broken. But I am happy as long as I can paint (Brown, nd). Her work can be […]

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The Meaning of The Stranger In Albert Camus

The Stranger the leading character is a young man named Meursault. He is a Frenchman living in French ruled Algeria in Algiers. The novel begins with Meursault receiving a telegram informing him of his mothers passing. After receiving the telegram Meursault takes the bus to Marengo to the retirement home his mother was living in. […]

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Role Of Decisions In The Stranger Book

Making decisions is a process we do everyday but everyone makes different decisions. Some people make decisions that can lead you to good places in your life and other people make decisions that can be bad and lead you to bad places in your life. Whether you choose not to focus on your education, you […]

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The Life of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is considered to be one of Mexico’s greatest artists. However Kahlo is also very well known in America. She is mainly recognized for her art that speaks to viewers emotionally and physically. Frida was an artist,a communist,an accident survivor,a non-conforming woman and an educator. To this day Frida still holds all of these […]

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Isolation In The Stranger Novel

 Isolation can be seen as beneficial or detrimental. Isolating one’s self can reboot and unwind the brain, improve concentration, increase productivity, provide opportunities to discover yourself and find your own voice, provides time for you to think deeply, help you work through problems more effectively and enhance the quality of your relationships with others. On […]

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What were the 3 Jim Crow laws?

Jim Crow was not a real man he was a personal theater character by Thomas D. Rice and an ethnic deprivation in accordance with contemporary white ideas of African – American and their culture. Imparted by white democrat – dominated state legislators after the reconstruction period in the late 19th centuries. He was a black […]

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Crypto Trading Tips for Millennials

In today’s legacy financial markets, opportunities for millennials to be involved are slim. The barriers to entry for younger investors in the stock market, securities, and commodities trading are many. Between high fees, large investment minimums, and relatively small potential gains, there’s not much incentive for young people to get involved in the market. With […]

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Are Millennials Different From Otner Generations?

 Fads, like swallowing live goldfish as a party trick and surfing on the hood of moving vehicles, may be on the list of college student contributions to America, but it cannot be denied that they have also contributed to the most important parts of modern history books such as the initiation of The Civil Rights […]

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Millennials Can’t Buy Property Soon Enough

Abstract         When we started this project we designed a survey to answer our original research question which was to determine whether or not there was a relation between how many people live in a home versus the cost of the mortgage payment or rent. From this we were attempting to prove that higher costs […]

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Influence Of Millennials On Modern Day Workplace

Research Ways in Which Millennials Are Influencing Software Engineering and Modern Day Workplace Research method by which 20 to 28 year olds are impacting programming building and the edge of working environment. Now days people using technologies and applications too much to make their work easy and faster. For any technology, we have to make […]

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Meditation for Stress Reduction

During class there is always discussion about what people do to cope with stress, and this is something that varies for everyone. After reading through a few articles on the Internet I came across one that stood out to me in particular about a Harvard neuroscientist, Sara Lazar. The title of the article is Harvard […]

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Primark Sustainability

On April 24, 2013 in Dhaka Suburb which is a place in Savar, Bangladesh had an eight-story factory building collapse. 1,135 people were killed because this building was built on supposedly swampy unstable grounds combined with routine safety checks from the owner or the brands who sourced from them. This factory offered Western and other […]

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Operationalize Sustainability for Clif Bar & Company

Introduction Clif Bar & Company is a family and employee owned American company that consist of the CLIF BAR, CLIF Kid and LUNA brands which produce foods and drinks made with nutritious and organic ingredients. The company was founded in 1992 and is owned by Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford who are married to each […]

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Medellin Sustainability

Abstract Medellin was one of the worst cities in the world in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This was due to an increased amount of illegal gang activity. The government in Medellin to change the environment for the better. The way they did this was by introducing some development goals that were set to decrease crime […]

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What Are the Common Causes of Stress in College Students?

The center of this research paper is the dependency of college students’ self-image on society’s standards, thus leading them out of a healthy median regarding self-esteem, self-worth, self-image, and self-obsession. Most of the situations that every college student goes through, regardless of the sex, originates from the same source. To fully view the panorama, the […]

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Amelia Earhart: One Of The Most Influential Women

 Amelia Earhart could profoundly be named one of the most influential women of the early 1900’s. With the very little time she had, she became a well-known ambitious role model to women all around the world. Especially because of her successful solo flight crossing the Atlantic, and her being the first woman to do it; […]

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Biography Of Amelia Earhart

Childhood On July 24, 1897, a baby was born. Amy and Edwin Earhart were welcoming a new child into their life. They didn’t know this child would be an amazing pilot. Amelia and her sister had a hard time growing up. The drinking of their father’s cost him a really good job working on the […]

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A Persona Of Amelia Earhart

 Amelia Earhart was a well known pilot around since she was a women. She accomplished many great things. In her biggest flying mission yet, she disappeared. What  happened to her? No one knows. But first let us Start from the start of her life. Her parents -Edwin and Amy Earhart- welcomed Amelia to their home […]

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A Role Model Of Amelia Earhart

Oh Amelia Earhart. You’ve heard of her, right? In 1897, Amelia was born to a mother named Amy, and a father named Edwin, and a sister named Muriel. Amelia had a hard childhood. Her father was drinking. If you don’t know what Drinking means, it means that her father was drinking a lot of alcohol. […]

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Last Trip Of Amelia Earhart

On June 1, 1937, Amelia Earhart began her infamous journey with hopes to become the first woman to fly around the world. Having already broken many aviating barriers, Earhart was no stranger to these types of challenges. She had already set and broken many flying records for women, this did not seem to be too […]

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About The Trail of Tears

The Question of this project: How was the journey to finding rights, for the Cherokee nation? The journey to obtaining rights as a Cherokee nation was a long a rough journey. The Cherokee people had 53,000 square miles of land in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama combined but in 1802 white settlers, and President […]

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Native Americans and the Trail of Tears

Long before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 was a time when North America was the unknown except to the natives who were already living there. He called the natives Indians because he thought he had reached India. Fast-forward a couple of hundred years people were trying to get away from England to […]

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The Trail of Tears in U.S. history

The Cherokee are described as a clean people. Cleaner than the settlers and other Indian tribes in the area. They thought water was a holy gift by the Great Spirit, so they went to it often. Ehle describes the Cherokee being quite matriarchal. Cherokee women had more rights than most European women did. She chose […]

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Use of Literary Devices in Slaughterhouse-Five

An educator on the topic of multi-dimensions states that, If we think of ourselves as we were one minute ago, and imagine ourselves as we are at this moment, [that] would be a line in the fourth dimension. If you were to see your body in the fourth dimension, you’d be like a long undulating […]

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Choctaw Trail of Tears

On the 28th of May 1830, the president at the time, Andrew Jackson, signed into effect a now controversial law. This law was the Indian Removal Act which allowed the removal of Native Americans from their homes to lands west of the Mississippi River. One tribe who was forcefully removed from their homes was the […]

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Boston Massacre: Another American Revolution

On the fifth of March, 1770, a patriot mob began to harass a British sentry outside the Custom House on King Street in Boston, Massachusetts. As the harassment escalated, Captain Thomas Preston was called for backup. During the confrontation, among the shouts and yelling, there were cries for the squad to “fire!”. The squad responded […]

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The Boston Massacre Event

The Boston Massacre         The Boston Massacre took place in 1770 outside the Boston Customs House. More than one hundred Bostonians confronted a band of nine British soldiers near a sentry box outside the Boston Customs House (Gale, 1999). Tensions between the Bostonians and the British soldiers rose, and the British ended up fatally wounding five […]

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A Horror Of The Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770, British troops fired into a crowd of Bostonians, killing three civilians immediately and injuring eight more. Two of the wounded died from their injuries soon thereafter. This event was quickly dubbed the Boston Massacre by Americans critiquing the British for imposing taxes and stationing troops in the colonies. Historians still have […]

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Causes of the Spanish American War

How can yellow journalism influence public opinion? To help understand yellow journalism and its origin, reference the following web site: What is yellow journalism? The Spanish American War was a 4 month conflict fought between Spain and the United States in 1898. The United States declared war on Spain on April 25, 1898. What […]

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Imperialism in the Spanish-American War

Since the United States have become their own country, it has gone through many changes in status. Before becoming a country, the United States was merely a series of territories belonging to multiple countries. When we began to advance in status, we learned that one key to success was a strategy called imperialism. Imperialism happens […]

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