Equity and Trusts advice style answer

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This paper seeks to establish whether Bill had any rights either in real or personal claim over the said estate located in Luneborough. It would identify the type of remedy, if any generated consequent to the breach of Bill’s rights. It would also identify the type of enacted that recognizes the right afforded to Bill, that is if any and provide the remedies available for the protection of the rights.

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The next requirement would be apply the law to the facts and hand in order to establish whether Bill has any interest over the said building. Firstly, the registered owner of the building that had absolute rights over the said property was Ann. It is observed that Ann had a fee simple estate registered over the said land upon which building was constructed on. The value was said property was valued at 2 million pounds. What is unusual about this property is that the title to the land was inherited by Ann upon the death of her father though the title was not reregistered to include the name of Ann as the new title holder. Bill was promised title a flat in the building if he would remain with Ann in Luneborough and held her with the business she owned. The building was later on was charged over a loan that was acquired by Ann from a bank. Upon Ann’s death the building was acquired by the bank and Bill issued with eviction orders. First and foremost it is important that note that legally Ann had no sufficient title the said building. Upon her father’s death and the transfer of the property to Ann, she was required under law to register the new title over the said land. However she was the sole inherited person to the property so it doesn’t matter. Secondly, which comes to the main purpose of this paper, does Bill have the right to the property, and we could look at proprietary estoppel, which a legal claim for transfer rights within legal title concern with the three elements of the clear assurance they will acquire a right over property, they reasonably rely on the assurance and they act substantially to their detriment.[1] Which in Dillwyn v Llwellyn[2], the father given a note to his son that stated he would get the house but they did not have the deed for conveyance even though the son did spend money on improving. Therefore by examine the fact in the case which Bill were constantly involve to the housework for Luneborough property, even before he moved in, he undertook all the work for significant improvement of the property, reroofed it, refurbished the office space on the ground floor and worked through the holidays to carry out the building work and keep the maintenance of the house,

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