Environmental Proposal

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Introduction Smith Systems Consulting provides web and business application services to a variety of clients including small and medium-sized business organizations, large domestic, multinational, and global corporations, and government and not for profit organizations (UOP, 2009). Learning Team A will recommend strategies to create alliances between Smith Systems Consulting and its networked internal and external customers, explain how the differences between leadership and management affect networking, and propose an environment that is supportive of team functioning and learning, and fosters sustainable innovation and creativity. Strategies to Create Alliances Kudler Fine Foods, Huffman Trucking, McBride Financial Services, and Riordan Manufacturing are among the list of clients Smith System Consulting (SSC) currently serves. One strategy for creating alliances between SSC and their clients is to empower the stakeholders by involving them in the decision-making process and the development of strategic goals. Engaging the clients in decision making and goal development will ensure SSC has a clear direction for meeting their clients’ needs in web-site maintenance, process upgrades, continuous training, and assisting with market expansion. Empowering clients will lead to a greater number of decisions made more efficiently and quickly, and an increased likelihood that the decisions will be readily accepted. Teaming with clients in the development of long- range goals will also help build alliances as SSC and its clients work toward common outcomes. Many of SSC’s clients are in need of assistance in keeping pace with the newest technologies. SSC can take the information regarding new programs on the market, review the possibilities to assist clientele, and make the recommendations for upgrading and maintaining the website to assist the client in gaining more business. The employees within the various organizations should also be included in the decision-making process and development of strategic goals. Employees whose input is considered and who are part of the decision-making process will be more inclined to support the company’s goals and make decisions beneficial to the company. Empowering employees will provide them with a sense of self-worth, pride, and ownership in the organization and their dedication to the organization will increase. Turnover will decrease because employees will feel as though their ideas are valued and they are a vital part of the organization. Low turnover will allow business relationships and alliances to form between SSC and client employees which will ultimately lead to increased loyalty and additional business. The unique business requirements of each client should also be periodically reviewed and employees briefed so the products can be adjusted as necessary to meet the client’s expectations. Satisfied clients lead to profits, which is a way to keep stakeholders invested in the company, gain new stakeholders, and allow companies to grow. Another strategy to forming an alliance between SSC and its clients is to create an environment where integrity, honesty, trust, treating others with respect, and open communication are valued and embraced, and conflicts are minimized. This type of environment will enhance productivity and efficiency, increase job satisfaction, strengthen teamwork, and ensure high quality services and products are delivered SSC’s clients.

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