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In my live I have dreamed of becoming a very great person in Nation. From what I read I understand. One of my mentors told me that with passion you always do perfect things. My interest in environment and resources is realistic. With all the skills and knowledge I have, it’s my duty to apply on the field and also help other nations in managing the environment. The paper basically talks about my interests in my field of study.

Why this program?

When I joined my high school, I took part in the program called “”the million trees project”. Under this program, I went with my classmates to Inner Mongolia where we planted 200 trees. I never thought sandstorms could be so scary until we met one on my trip. The sandstorm “”trapped”” our bus for some hours on the road, we could see nothing around and we could not get out of the bus. I imagined how people feel about it when they live in such a place with sandstorms everywhere. After participation in this program, I realized that we can change our environment for a better living if we make an effort in the transformation and I developed a deep interest in the field of environment because I needed a change. Planting trees and saving water during shower are simple methods that show an effort in changing our environment.  I realized that people can change the environment to a better situation if everyone can make an effort to do that.  Therefore, I decided to make the environment better through my own way, to be a person who can stimulate the interest or action of people’s pro-environmental attitude and make our earth better.

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I am really interested to get deeper in this field to learn more and apply the knowledge that I have acquired from different subjects in solving environmental problems. When first I saw the requirements for my major in college, I was confused why this major need to know so many different things, including physics, chemistry, policy, biology, etc. Nevertheless, I enjoyed learning these varieties of subjects and really felt proud that I could know so much in one major. It feels great to combine different things I learned to solve a single complicated issue. This shows the many ways of killing a rat.


I have designed a research project with one of my professor, Susan Handy, on one of the most popular issues in China: the serious haze problem. The proposed research is aimed at finding out how air quality issues can affect people’s pro-environmental actions, which can help the policymakers to design better policy to solve the haze problem in China.

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