Entrepreneurs Are Born As Talent Opportunists Business Essay

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The entrepreneur plays an important role in the development of economic nowadays, in recent 21st century, where the competitive market is so tough. They are highlighted as the person making the opportunity becomes the profit, who starts the own business and be their own boss (Stephen, 2007). People spend millions in business training course to learn the entrepreneurship and dream to have the wonderful life as successful magnate. Many researches had been done to figure out what makes people on the way to become such a successful entrepreneur, is there any particular factors modeling it? The answer is that there is one kind of genetic factor called business talent that will decide whether one individual have enough condition to become an entrepreneur or not. You can practice yourself to have relevant skill or even the way to solve the experience in real business life but the innate ability comes naturally and cannot imitate to follow by. This “business blood” usually passed through generation where the idiom “like father, like son” is applied perfectly. In my opinion, potential entrepreneur is implied as a raw diamond, they must have perfect cutting to be shinier to take the attention. But the fact can not be rejected is that, in case they are not sparkling enough, they already are what they are as the diamond. It is just the simple example to prove that “entrepreneur are born, not made”.

Entrepreneurs are born, not made.

People always dreams to get rich to enjoy a comfortable life. The fastest way to the glory is take a chance as a risk-taker by starting your own business, become an entrepreneur who can open the enterprise and work for your own benefit. However, Damir (2012) stated entrepreneur is defined as an individual who known as mainly financial risk-taker to do the business activities through the enterprise. He is also the person who has the innovative spirit, creativity and strong emotion of confidence to prove himself to be unique. All of that characteristic comes unattended and starts with the desire to pursue high target of doing profitable business, and it becomes the most vital thing that drives most of successful entrepreneur. On contrary direction, there also exist some theory to prove that it is untrue to say no hope for people who do not have the potential business “blood”, entrepreneurship can also be practiced and nurtured by improving needed skills and experiences. Genes could not determine or influence that much to the way you think of business, it is up to the behavior and also the habits of one individual (Scott 2011). There are not only the “entrepreneur gene” of talent or some habits and characteristics inside one person who can be the potential “star” to bright. Maria (2011) highlighted that entrepreneur are born or made depends on some more external and internal factors which can affect the way one person do business such as time, geography, culture and of course a little luck . To sum up,

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