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My name is Zaw min Tun and I am a student of International Advance Diploma in Computer Study (IADCS) of NCC and attending at KMD Computer Centre which is situated in Yangon, Myanmar. In the first term of IADCS, I have to study “Advanced JAVA”, “System analysis and Design” and “Enterprise Network”. All of the subjects have assignments.

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Advanced JAVA is local subject where other two subjects, “System Analysis and Design” and “Enterprise Network” are global subjects. This System Analysis and Design assignment is about the DVD store system which aims to change from manual system to computerize system. In Task 1, I have to draw DFD and write Aims and Objectives of the system. In Task 2, I have to draw ERD with the description of entities, attributes and relationships. In Task 3, I have to draw ELH for the DVD. In Task 4, I have to draw Forms and normalize each processes and make a data dictionary. In task 5, I have to draw Draft screen Design and Prototype for Searching, Loan and Member Registration together with Validation rules. In Task 6, I have to write Assumption, Review, Site preparation and Hardware requirements.

(a) Context Diagram

(b) Aims and Objectives

This system, have many processes including purchase, loan, reserve, search, sale and report. All the records of the whole processes are manual system (i.e. Records are on paper or in book) According to the scenario, there will be two sale assistant, two workstations and a manger. Since the current system is manual system and records are stored on book, it becomes hard to find a record in the whole book. Also, DVD information can only be searched by public workstation. Since there are a lot of problems searching and many others, the store wants to make the system running like e-commerce solutions on the Internet. It has benefits like

– Enabling search DVD easily by category (e.g. Movie type)

– To keep many records including sales, members, supplier and many others

– To improve system performance

– To process system quickly

– To reduce human resources and paper wastes

(c) Data flow diagrams

Level 1 for DVD store system

Process Description

1. Member Registration Process

In order to loan DVDs from this store, the customers need to register and become a member since this store allows only members to loan. To register, the customer has to fill in the Registration form. After filling in the registration form, the form should be given to sale assistant together with the member registration fees. The sale assistant will give member card to the customer and the customer becomes a member of the DVD store.

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