Energy Resource Plan

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Importance of Energy Conservation Modern conveniences have shaped our lives. Energy and its many uses help to keep humans safe, feed, and mobile. These modern abilities have also created a strain on our environment and the natural resources that make this existence possible. Currently electric for our community is generated by coal and our water is processes by electric. Our fossil fuels are on the brink of extinction, making the actions we take now more vital than ever. Creating an implemented plan that changes our current consumption of fossil fuels, will perpetuate a cleaner community, stabilize eco-systems, and provide a future for the generations to come. Harnessing renewable natural resources will allow the earth to heal because renewable resources are cleaner, efficient, and readily available. Renewable and Non-renewable energy Every resident in this community is reliant on outside sources that use non-renewable resources for power and to clean our water. Every day the resources used are depleted and will eventually run out; in the meantime we set idly by and watch prices escalate. Fossil fuels emit many pollutants (EPA, 2008) into the air and encourage global warming. Those outside sources subject this community to rate increases and dependency on weather conditions. Renewable energy is found in many forms, generated by the earth. Effectively harnessing these energies will reduce gas emissions (EPA, 2008. ) Methods of Energy Generation There is a reality, with your help and dedication that can break the chains that bind us to these natural and political constraints. Renewable resources will generate enough energy that the electric company will be paying us! We are fortunate to have three resources that will produce this overabundance. From the mountain peaks the wind can be utilized, from the rushing waters of the Shenandoah River, hydroelectric power and a system to gather and filter its waters will provide our community with clean safe drinking water.

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