Gas Market Reformation

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ENERGY LAW-GAS MARKET REFORMATION Distribution Grid of Natural Gas It is the grid which is developed or is going to be developed in accordance with approved program of development Natural Gas Distribution Companies The companies which occupy with issues of natural gas distribution grid. Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE) The Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) is an independent administrative authority, which enjoys, by the provisions of the law establishing it, financial and administrative independence. RAE was established on the basis of the provisions of L.

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2773/1999, which was issued within the framework of the harmonisation of the Hellenic Law to the provisions of Directive 96/92/EC for the liberalization of the electricity market. The financial independence of RAE, which is an essential condition in order to preserve the Authority’s independence, was effectively ensured by the provisions of L. 2837/2000, through which it is anticipated that the Authority possesses its own resources, i.e. revenue bonds from the regulated industry, participation to research projects etc. These resources are managed in accordance with the Presidential Decree 139/2001 “Regulation for the Internal Operation and Administration of RAE”, while financial management is subject to ex-post auditing by Independent Auditors and the Court of Auditors. New competences and duties were assigned to RAE with respect to electricity and natural gas sectors by the Electricity Law 3426/2005 and the Gas Law 3428/2005, in alignment with the relevant provisions of the EC Directives 2003/54 and 2003/55, in particular with respect to access tariffs to electricity and gas networks, the terms and conditions for the provision of balancing services in natural gas, as well as on issues related to security of electricity and natural gas supply. Furthermore, on the basis of the modifications introduced with the abovementioned laws, RAE acts as a dispute settlement authority with respect to complaints against transmission or distribution system operator in both electricity and natural gas sectors. The main duties and responsibilities assigned to RAE relate to the following subjects:

  • Monitoring the operation of all sectors of the energy market (Electricity, Natural Gas, Oil Products, Renewable Energy Sources, Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat etc.).
  • Collection and processing of information from companies in the energy sector while respecting the principles of confidentiality.
  • Participation in the pre-parliamentary legislative process through recommendation to the Minister of Development of the appropriate measures related to compliance with competition rules and to the overall protection of the consumers in the energy market. RAE monitors in particular the management and allocation of interconnection capacity, the time taken by TSO and DSO for connections of users and repairs to the network, the publication of all appropriate information by the TSO and the DSO, the terms and tariffs for third party access, the unbundling of accounts,

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