Employment Law

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Employment law

Contents Introduction Internal labor organization The Ministry of Labor To who does the law applied? The employment contract The features of a limited or a fixed term contract: The contents of an unlimited term contract: Information that are significant in an employment contract Probation Periods Wages Disciplinary Code Termination of contract End of service gratuity Conclusion



There are numerous people around the globe who are unaware of the regulations and laws of the countries they are living in. Practically, the labor law is the foundation of laws, precedents and administrative regulations which addresses the lawful privileges of, and binds individuals who are working in companies. This research will highlight different conceptions which pertains to employment law in certain aspects and in general in UAE like, the ILO, MOL, the employment agreement, Probation Periods, wages, Disciplinary Code and Termination of Contract.

Internal labor organization

For laws relating to labor, it is of paramount importance to mention the body ILO commonly known as the international organization accountable for drawing overlooking and drawing up the international standards. Additionally, the aim of ILO is to make sure that it serves the needs and wants of individuals who are working by merging the government together, employers and workers to set labor standards, develop policies, and devise programs.

The Ministry of Labor

This specific body regulates all issues that pertain to work. It is accountable for allotting work permits or labor cards and imposing prohibitions on those are punishable in one way or the other. Their aim is to manage and organize the labor market to build up participation of the fellow Emiratis working in the workforce, understand the fortification and flexibility in the labor market, and entice other skilled workers through an inclusive system of rules and strategies and policies, enforcement, institutional partnership and effective service delivery.

To who does the law applied?

The law is binding for all the staff and employees working in the organization in UAE. However, there are specific groups of individuals who are relieved from this law, which are:

  • Employees that are from the Federal government and governmental departments of the Emirates, employees of municipalities, other employees of federal and local public authorities and corporations, as well as employees who are recruited against federal and local governmental projects.
  • Members of the armed forces, police and security.
  • Domestic Servants employed in private households.
  • Farming and grazing workers.

Additionally, a potential partner in a business arrangement does not comes in the criteria of an employee and is therefore not obliged to acquire a labor card from the UAE MOL. However, if the partner holds and employee spot added to his partner rank,

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