Employer branding on employee performance

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Employer branding is the development and communication of an organization’s culture as an employer in the marketplace. It conveys the organization’s “value proposition” – the totality of the organization’s culture, systems, attitudes, and employee relationship along with encouraging its people to embrace and share goals for success, productivity, and satisfaction both on personal and professional levels.

Employer branding represents a firm’s efforts to promote, both within and outside the firm, a clear view of what makes it different and desirable as an employer. In recent years employer branding has gained popularity among practicing managers. The importance of managing employee perceptions has given rise to the contemporary notion of Employer Brand. This is essentially the brand the employer projects to existing and potential employees via the chain of communication touch points ranging from recruitment intermediaries through to line managers.

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However one of the major issues in Employer Branding is how to measure an employer brand, what value does the employer brand have? Ultimately, a strong employer brand should contribute to the performance and success of the organization.

The workforce is the real driver of profits in today’s business world. Employer Branding helps in recruitment and retention of the best of talents. It has it’s impact in many areas of Human Resource Management like Employee Loyalty, Employee commitment, Employee retention and one of these areas which should get highly affected by this concept is Employee Performance. The strength of an organization’s brand has a significant impact on the performance of its employees. A strong Employer Brand has a significant influence in the employee’s performance and that a strong product brand can essentially support the development of the employment brand. These days companies make a lot of investments in this concept of Employer Branding, thus studying the extent of its impact on Employee’s Performance in these organizations has become a vital need in today’s scenario.


  • To study the concept of Employer Branding and it’s evolution over a period of time.
  • To study what it takes for an organization to build a magnetic Employer Brand.
  • To study the causes that lead organizations to focus more on this concept of Employer Branding.
  • To study the extent to which this process of Employer Branding helps the organizations to improve Employee Performance and what impact it has on other areas like Employee Loyalty and Employee Retention.
  • To study Employee’s Brand Based Equity and its impact on Employee Performance.
  • To study the benefits gained by the organizations as well as the obstacles faced by the organizations in the development and implementation of this process of Employer Branding.
  • To study the ways by which the impact of Employer Branding Process can be measured with Employee Performance being a major area of focus.

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