Employee Relations – Dispute Settlement

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Employee Relations HRM Individual Assignment Dispute Settlement Tale of ContentPage Introduction Nowadays, still some organizations fail to recognize and acknowledge the role of employee relations as a critical element of the strategic approach to Human Resources Management. However, the fact is that today’s turbulent business environment increases the demand on managers to properly manage employees’ relations. But before we proceed to elaborate further, we hereby define employee relations. “Employee relations, known as industrial relations, is concerned with the contractual, emotional, physical and practical relationship between employer and employee.” As the competitive standards rise and the individual expectations peak, managers are expected to respond positively to any change in the employees’ attitudes if they need to reach a required performance level. Having said this, we cannot deny on the other hand that the increasing complexity of employee relations can always lead to conflicts in employee-management relations, which will consequently result in disputes. This study has been made to define dispute in employee-management relations, to identify its settlements methods, to assess its nature, causes and impact on the organization through three research studies to be discussed in the literature. Dispute and Dispute Settlement Grievances and conflicts exist in every organization; they are in fact inevitable events of the employment relationship. From a Human Resources perspective, such conflicts are named disputes. Dispute by definition is a disagreement between the employer and its employee about the terms and conditions of employment, that would include working hours, wages, duration of the employment, benefits, attendance, leaves, etc… In order to manage conflicts and disputes and in an attempt to promote a sound and healthy employee relations, organizations tend to create a system to settle or to resolve disputes through a process called dispute settlement. Dispute settlement is a process for resolving disagreements between different parties; it seeks to achieve fairness for all participants. Therefore, in order to further understand this area of study, we will shed the light in this paper on three different articles and research studies that pertain to our topic “Disputes and Dispute Settlement”. Part I: A- Case Study I: International Origin, China based I- Title of the Study China’s Labor Dispute Settlement: 
Forced Settlement, Worker Awareness of Rights, and Policy Suggestions II- Objectives of the Study The case study in hand aims at investigating labor dispute settlement system in China especially at times where the existing system fails to provide an adequate protection to the workers; at the same time, the study aims at finding ways for improving the current system in order to make it fair and effective for all engaged parties. Therefore, we can summarize the objective as follows:

  • The study tends to show how both economic globalization and traditional mediation custom have influenced the creation of China’s labor dispute settlement, and at the same time tries to find out what the practical problems of the existing dispute resolution system are and what are the suggested ways to fix the said problems.

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