Employee Involvement and Participation

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The paper will discuss employee involvement and participation in the service industry with reference to Canary Wharf GBK. The paper starts with the objective of the research and ends with the conclusion and recommendation of the research.

Employee involvement is a very important programme to utilize the tacit knowledge of the employees to increase commitment and performance with a limited cost. This paper will discuss different types and models of employees’ involvement and their benefit and limitations. The research start with the secondary research through collected theories to write the literature reviews to build the base of the research.

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In the literature reviews, it has explained views of different writer on employees’ involvement. The literature reviews includes types of involvement, models of employees involvement and management support for employees involvement

Further, this research includes a methodology where the research strategy, approach, data collection and sample of the research are outline. Research methodology is crucial, as it is giving the researcher ways to conduct the primary research. The research is base on a case study and the data collection methods are interviews and a survey.

In the third section the researcher, outline the finding of interviews and survey. In this research, there are three interviews and one survey conducted by the researcher. The participants in the interviews are the managers and the respondent in the survey are the employees of the organisation.

Finally, in the last section the researcher presented analysis and conclusion of the research. In the analysis, the data collected from the research has been tested with the theories of literature. The research concludes with a brief conclusion where the result of the research has discussed.

In the end, the researcher gives recommendation and discusses the scope, limitation, and interesting issue of the research.

Research objectives are

Critically analyse the importance of employee involvement as outlined in the literature review that includes its importance in recession.

Evaluate Gourmet Burger Kitchen employee involvement strategy in the light of the research finding and theoretical literature.

Discuss the benefits and limitations of Employee involvement.

Benchmark the GBK canary wharf case study with other restaurant.

Reason for choosing this topic

The purpose of this study is to investigate the methods of effective involvement of the employees in a company where the researcher is working. Employees are the most valuable assets of a company. Employee involvement is important as it can result in empowerment and democracy in the organisation. This may result in increased motivation to take more responsibility (Judge and Gennard (2005). In this current economic situationwhen the confidence of the employees is low, EIP can motivate the employees to deliver good customer services,

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