Emotional Intelligence And Why It Is Critical to Your Success

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The 20th century marked a time of great growth and expansion. In those 100 years, the world saw an unbelievable amount of change: decolonization, the two world wars, the nuclear age and space exploration, the Cold War conflicts, poverty reduction, world population growth and the rising awareness of the degrading health of our environment. It was the birth of the Digital Revolution which saw massive advances in technology.

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We also began to better understand us as humans- most importantly why some succeeded and others, although very promising, didn’t. Until the 1960s and 70s, it was widespread belief that those with the best diploma – the ones with the highest IQ – were destined for success. The world was understandably confused when this belief was shaken by incredibly successful entrepreneurs such as Ray Kroc, Warren Buffet, and Sam Walton who started from humble beginnings and had a poor education yet grew to be some of the richest men the world has ever seen.

Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, wrote “Not education. Not experience. Not knowledge or intellectual horsepower. None of these serve as an adequate predictor as to why one person succeeds and another doesn’t. There is something else going on that society doesn’t seem to account for.”1 It sparked the question, “how could they be so successful while some of those graduating with the highest honors from the greatest universities would never make a name for themselves?” Is IQ all it is made out to be? In reality, emotional intelligence is more critical to someone’s success than IQ.The term “emotional intelligence” seems to first appear in a paper by Michael Beldoch in 1964.

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