Emmett Till’s Death And End Of Segregation

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In January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery in America. However, many whites after that believed that the slaves just set free shouldn’t get the same rights as whites. So, the Jim Crow Laws were created in order for blacks to not have the same rights as whites.

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Jim Crow laws state that blacks have to use different water fountains, schools, movie theaters, than whites. Groups such as the KKK were created also to prevent blacks from having these rights. So, even though they weren’t slaves, they still didn’t have full freedom. Many blacks in the south were angered but had no power, but some people did have power. One of those people is Emmett Louis Till. Emmett Louis Till was born  on July 25, 1941, and he was going to change the lives of countless blacks in America. However, since Emmett was from the North, he was unfamiliar with the etiquette blacks were expected to show to whites. In the South blacks were treated miserably due to the Jim Crow laws. Due to these laws Emmett Louis Till died.

It all began at  Bryant’s Grocery & Meat Market in Money, Mississippi. Emmett was left there alone in front of the cashier, Carolyn Bryant. Reportedly, he talked to her in a flirtatious way, and whistled to her on his way out. She didn’t like what Emmett did. Then, on August 26th, Ms. Bryant’s husband came back from a work trip. She immediately told her husband what happened that day regarding Emmett. Mr. Bryant and his half-brother, J.W. Milam, set up plans to kidnap Emmett. Then finally, on August 27th Bryant and Milam sought out to find Emmett. Around a few hours passed, they found out that Emmett was staying at his uncle’s house, Moses Wright. At around 2:30 in the morning, Milam and Bryant arrived at Wright’s house east of Money, Mississippi. Bryant knocked on the door and it was opened by Moses Wright. Bryant then went into the house, in order to find Emmett. Soon enough, Bryant found Emmett, put him in his car, then drove off with Emmett. According to Bryant and Milam’s interview after the incident, they “[justed whipped] him…and [scared] some sense into him.” Milam said they drove Emmett trying to find a cliff with a hundred-foot drop down to the Mississippi River. After a while, they failed to find the cliff, so the men drove to a barn near Drew, Mississippi.

Willie Reed, who was a witness at the barn, said he heard sounds including hollering and whipping coming from the barn, which were sounds which Emmett made when Bryant and Milam beat him up and killed him. After the truck left the farm, it stopped at J. W.

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