Emmett Till: A Case Of Racism

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  All throughout history there has been an unbelievable amount of racism. So many times someone has been judged for the color of their skin. One example of this shameless hate is the murder of young Emmett Till on August 28, 1955.

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Emmett was just a normal kid.. When all of the trouble started, he was just acting the same way most teenagers do. Completing a harmless dare called on by his friends. The horrific way he was murdered threw the black community into a fit of rage all across America. Till was just a young teenage boy whos’ death forever changed the way people look at racism.

   Young Emmett lived a fairly regular life, he was always a happy kid. Till was born on July 25, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are Louis and Mamie Till, sadly his father Louis died while serving in the US military when Emmett was just three. He was a very diligent and sweet boy. Emmett spent most of his time helping around the neighborhood. He shared a very close bond with his mother Mamie. Emmett worked crazy amounts, working extremely hard to make sure his mother would never be too weary or overstretched. However, according to Mamie, he was an ghastly and sick child. He was born with speech defect that caused him to stutter, he also had polio when he was very young. Even though he was things did not look that good for Emmett, he had a great character and was a very caring child.

   The racism was less sever where he lived in Chicago although he still lived in a segregated neighborhood. The summer of 1955, Emmett and his cousins begged to be allowed to take a fun trip to Money,

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