Emily Dickinson: A Journey With Death

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Emily Dickinson is almost always at the top of any list of America’s best and most unique poets. She combined her interest in death with her talented and expressive writing to create some of the the best poems and writing of the 19th century. Dickinson not only succeeded in writing incredible poems but she made her readers feel every single poem that she wrote as if they were experiencing death themselves.

Emily Dickinson’s life was marked by the loss of loved ones and poor health that contributed to her fascination with death. Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 to Edward and Emily Dickinson in Amherst, Massachusetts. Emily had two other siblings William and Lavania born in 1833. Emily and her siblings grew up going to
primary school in Amherst and then transferred over to Amherst Academy because her father was a lawyer and wanted to get the best education possible for his children to be successful. The transition was easy for Emily who enjoyed every aspect of school including the challenges it gave her, the academics, friends and so many other opportunities to grow and become successful in the future.

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The subject of death, including her own, appears many times throughout Emily Dickinson’s’ poems and letters. A fascination with death was not uncommon or unusual to Emily because she lived next to the town cemetery for 15 years of her life during a time where it was common for younger people to die earlier then they expected. In 1880 and again in 1833 Dickinson suffered from the loss of several close friends and family members including her mother whose death worsened Emily’s own delicate physical condition.

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