Emerging World Order

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1. There have been profound scientific, strategic, technological, economic, political and diplomatic changes in the twentieth century and the early part of the twenty-first century which have altered the strategic orientation of nations the world over. There has been a sea change in the way nations perceive themselves and each other in the international system.

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The world is fast moving towards a knowledge based economy. China has emerged as a global economic power house, and closer Indo- US ties balance the power in Asia. Also a tie up between India & America could contribute to a security paradigm for the global environment especially Asia.

2. However America’s view on new world order is questionable. They view that with the fall of erstwhile USSR in the 1980’s the world turned unipolar with the USA merging as the sole super power. The free will of executing the US agenda was evident in the 1990’s like Invasion of Iraq. Once Russia resurrected under Vladimir Putin the US – Europe nexus or the NATO and its expansion has threatened the existence of the most successful security organization like the United Nations. Later the world saw the US presence right at the doorsteps of Russia i.e. in Poland and the fight for the Arctic.

3. Unnoticed initially , but noticed later by all , there came the third world countries like India, Brazil, South Africa , China and a few developed ones like Australia, New Zealand which formed a group which cannot be wished away. The IBSA (India- Brazil- South Africa forum) & RIC (Russia – India- China forum), Shanghai Cooperation etc cannot be wished away in today’s world.

4. So what is the new world order? The power houses change so rapidly, moreover the so called power houses like Europe and USA are today on the economic downturn. The subprime crisis of the USA and the unemployment situation is considered to be the worst since 1930’s. So are these perceived power houses today in a shape to project their power outside their national boundaries? Does the new world order belong to the new power houses like India and China who have proved to be fairly insulated from these economic crises?

5. But the ever increasing conflicts and the under development of nations especially those like in African continent, which cannot be ignored by the world community, is relevant. To add on, these are the Pandora’s Box of richness that is gold, diamonds, minerals and the very green oil. However, it is prudent that these countries need assistance economically and materially and it is those countries which provide assistance who will control the resources. The US,

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