Electoral College:Things That Should Be Made

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What to do with the Electoral College

The President of the United States is well known to be elected by the Electoral College and not directly by the people. However, some 21st century voters may be amazed to learn that when they enter a setting to select their candidate for president, they actually cast a ballot for representatives that vote on their behalf. These selected representatives are known as the Electoral College.

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Every time a candidate who does not win the most popular votes is elected President, opponents of the Electoral College call for his abolition and supporters praise his advantages. I believe however, that the electoral college is unnecessary in current times, and inspires unrest in society during voting seasons- inducing the questioning of civilian voices and rights through due federalism and democracy.

The electoral college assured the smaller states that their voices would be noticed and that they would still earn presidential campaigns. Otherwise, the candidates would certainly focus on massive states in a popular election campaign, where you can win many votes at a time. Except for one large flaw that was added within this system, and thatr’s the winner-takes-all process: the candidate that assumes the popular vote in a state, even by a one vote, gets all electoral votes. Most of the people involved in the ECr’s design presumably thought it would be improved upon in the future – since laws of the legislature can reform it quite easily. Assuming this, we could develop any number of means to choose our electors. So, it exists because it has never been changed since prior times. This in turns leaves us stuck with the current system, and thus springs forth conspiracies and adamant debates on its irrationality.

One main feature sought to be promising at first, but is now a major drawback, is the winner-takes-all phenomenon. This rule creates a balance, which it produces inconsistent results, indiscriminately advantages or disadvantages groups of voters, and contributes to political misbehavior. Katherine Florey states that The degree to which the winner-take-all system heightens the risk of a popular-electoral split is a significant problem”one that occasioned bipartisan concern in the years before the 2000 election (Florey 345). Furthermore, even though these splits may seem atypical, they bring severe political consequences most notably the depression of votes from strongly affiliated voter groups such as African Americans and students (Florey 351).

However, I do not disagree with the philosophical opposing views of the electoral college. In some lights, there are good reasons to preserve the current system- such as the dissemination of political power to the population versus the popular ballot. Also, states can choose how to elect their representatives; this indicates a fair federalist cause. However, talk of reform spurs from the ideal of a pure- democratic ballot that goes from the poll to the candidate.

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