Electoral College Superiority

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Due to the results of the most recent United States presidential election, controversy has been raised regarding the Electoral College. The Electoral College has performed as intended for more than 230 years, over fifty elections, and also allows for consistency of the country by dealing out popular support in order to elect a president. Many people want the Electoral College to be replaced by the popular vote which would discourage a two-party system throughout the United States.

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Changing the system would be difficult because it would most likely cause more problems, such as voter fraud, than solutions. The Electoral College system was a part of the original US Constitution, therefore, changing the process would require a Constitutional amendment. The United States electoral college voting system has proven to be satisfactory and should remain in effect for future presidential elections.

The Electoral College was created by the writers of the Constitution because they believed it to be the best method for electing a president into office. The Electoral College was established in 1787 in order to implement a new election style in 1788. When a person castr’s a vote for president, they are really casting a vote for his or her states electors. These electors then cast their ballot to represent their state in the Electoral College (Electoral College Fast Facts). There are a total of 538 electors, ranging from 3 to 55 in each state. To win the presidency, 270 votes are required. By using state electors instead of the popular vote, there is better security against uneducated voters allowing the votes to be cast by those most likely to choose the best candidate. The Electoral College protects votes from smaller states and prevents states with larger populations from having too large of an influence on the vote. The Electoral College allows a compromise between Congress and the popular vote from a state.

A benefit of keeping the electoral college is that it encourages the political stability by using a two-party system. This is true because if a third-party candidate is running for office, it is nearly impossible for them to win the popular vote in any state, therefore the electors for the Electoral College will not submit any votes supporting the minority party. There are two major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, in which the Electoral College forces third-party candidates into one of them. According to an online article, Conversely, the major parties have every incentive to absorb minor party movements in their continual attempt to win popular majorities in the States (Kimberling). This quote is saying that many candidates in the Republican and Democratic parties are using some of the ideas from third-party competitors to try and win over the vote in his or her state. When the major parties use these ideas,

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