Electoral College Debate

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Ever since [the 2000 election] in which George Bush prevailed by a mere 5 electoral votes, despite losing by one-half-million votes in the national popular vote, therer’s been criticism about whether America should keep or do away with the electoral college (Jahncke). This phenomenon happened again in the 2016 election, which intensified debate. Enthusiasts of the movement to abolish the electoral college claim that the electoral college is unnecessary and takes power away from the people.

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However, it would not be a wise move to eliminate the electoral college for two reasons: first, because the electoral college and popular vote typically agree so there is no discrepancy that takes power away from the American people; and second, because popular vote can misrepresent the interest of the nation due to voter fraud.

According to Red Jahncke, and opinion contributor for The Hill newspaper, this movement to rid the country of the electoral college argues that the College doesnt reflect one-man-one-vote. Instead the vote of each elector counts for thousands of people. Supporters of this idea argue that people should be able to choose their president directly rather than have a group of electors vote for them. They also point out that the founding fathers came up with the electoral college to prevent the people from making an uninformed decision about the leader of the nation. They claim that during this age, Americans can be informed about the candidates through the media and internet, so there is no longer a need to keep the general populace from voting. Although this is true, the benefits of keeping the electoral college outweigh the advantages of removing it when it comes to protection against voter dishonesty.

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