Effects of Southern Racism in “A Gathering of Old Men”

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The life of African Americans is not pleasant. Southern African Americans established a hard lifestyle due to the denial of equal rights because of racism. Most problems are centered in the South, which is not surprising for their racist devotion for decades. African Americans encounter with racism started a Southern rebellion against the issue. Ernest J. Gaines’s novel A Gathering of Old Men connects how racism affects the Southern United States.

One of the effects of racism in the novel and the Southern United States is white superiority. According to Gaines, “What the hell did you say?” she asked Clatoo. “You know where you’re at? You know who you’re talking to? Get the hell off my place” (173). The white men brotherhood proves that discriminating African-American people evolved due to their inhuman fellowship ( Akins 70). Charlie implies the only safe route away from discrimination is the swamp indicating the terror of white superiority (Wardi 43). In Gaines words “ I ain’t raising my hand against no white folks for no niggers” Griffin answered him” (195). Northern and Southern white men call black men yard dogs, confirming the novels white superiority (Akins 69-70). Beau’s brutal superiority towards the African American in the plantation illustrates his assassination by Charlie (Wardi 39). To summarize, white supremacy is a significant cause of racism in the novel and the Southern United States.

Furthermore, racism also effects friendship in the novel and connection to the Southern United States. Gaines says, “I held on to one of his arms, and Cal was patting him on the back to console him. Then suddenly he just turned against Cal. Out of the blue, he looked at Cal like he suddenly hated him” (113). The father of the murderer lost his trust for the local newspaper editor supporting racisms effect on friendship ( Roosevelt 7). In “A Failure of Love,” the Catholic church shows how the white lady and man have no friendship towards African-Americans (Akins 68). Gaines adds, “She laid her hand on Mathu’s shoulder, soft like touching a flower.

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