Effects and cause of YouTube on youths

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Vloggers are video log and blogs that are usually shortened to vlog they are the forms of blog which the Medias are using as videos and as web television. They are usually combined with embedded video texts supporting them, metadata and images or photos. The popularity of these videos are being witnessed to grow from day to day.

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These video bloggers nowadays renamed as loggers whose films, their ideas of thought and observations are being followed online for youths to enjoy. This has set a platform for advertisement and marketing through use of these videos. Besides the advantages or the importance of vlogging there comes the effects and disadvantages which almost outweighs the good part of blogging. Throughout this paper I will just majorly talk of the effects of vlogger videos to the youths and the cause. Though we have seen the positive parts of the bogging videos in the YouTube, where they builds youths self-esteems and confidences. They also help youths to gain critical thinking powers as well keeping them informed of the current world news. One of the major effects and category of YouTube video blogging is all about beauty and the modes of dressing. Many of the youths are being influenced from time to time trying to adopt the mode of dressing celebrities are associated with. These videos are reaching to many of the adolescent and young girls who looks at them as the role model to follow and adapt for the beauty. This kind of effect is mostly being copied by the young girls in the sense of applying makeups,

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