Effective Team Working in Organisations

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Introduction – 2 Characteristics of effective team working…2 Team reflection…2 Team presentation…3 PPD activities…4 Conclusion…5 Bibliography…6 Introduction In this report I will discuss the most important characteristics of effective team working in organisations, I will also reflect upon how my team used these team characteristics to enhance team performance. In addition to that I will also discuss the important features of effective presentation, and reflect my experience of engaging on presentation project. Lastly I will reflect upon my PPD1 activities and coursework during the academic year, and the skills I developed.

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Characteristic of effective Team Work Team work can deliver shared strength for any organization.Effective teams help organisations to become more creative and make a pleasant and open atmosphere.Cameron (2009) states that the most important characteristics of effective team work are Communication skills, managing tasks and managing processes. Good communication skills: it is very important that team members to communicate in order to achieve common goals and keep up a strong relationships at all levels. Involving in a group work requires good communication skills. If the communication between team members is not to the required level messages could not be transferred efficiently within a team, and therefore targets could not be met. McComb et al (2012) suggested that effective communication enhance the overall performance of a team. Managing tasks: this gives the team clear objectives and it allows them to monitor their progress towards their actions weather the team determine their action needs to be engaged or not. Group members have to arrange and prioritise their tasks. In this respect leaders or managers are responsible to monitor overall team performance and take curative measure when problem occurred. Managing process: This part is vital for team work. It requires that teams have to dedicate the team’s goal and encourage contributing to the tasks. Once goals and objectives are set out it is imperative to provide support to team members and encourage them to cooperate towards their common goal. Cooperation is a backbone of team work, which can trigger and activate members together towards the common organisational objective. Providing support and incentives for team members could enhance cooperation within a team (Sliwka, 2001). Team work Reflection Reflecting upon my group presentation I feel that my group did not communicate enough; one of the reasons that broke our communication was that some of my group member were participating on other course presentation, and they did not have a time to get involve. I also feel that my team did not have clear common goals because there was no communication. Since I was nominated to be the leader of the team, I tried to improve my leadership skill through the project.

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