Effect of Social Media on Teenagers

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According to Susie East 2016 report on CNN, Teenagers today are highly influenced by social media. Everything they do is inclined towards building popularity in social media. Each photo that is uploaded on the internet gets many likes, which increase their motivation and influence how they look at themselves. About 90% of the teenagers across the world are on at least one social media platform which means that every teenager today is either aware of the existence of these principles or holds an account on them (Herring & Kapidzic, 2015).


The increase in technology, globalization, and the trends in the world today has dictated that we all require technology to be part of the growing world. The concert is that parents and other concern institutions believe that social media has more disadvantages than the pros. Psychologists, on the other hand, have weighed this and given the contradicting opinion (Strasburger et al, 2013).

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Chris Crosby argues that the significant negative effect of social media is the fact that teenagers are losing on face-to-face contact. Using a bulk of evidence, he offers support to his claim on how gadgets are trapping teenagers on the platforms. The idea of creating groups has been a major point of reference. He argues that thousands of teenagers can hold a single conversation across the globe and thus continued debated mean that the teenager has to be glued on the screen for at least ten hours a day just to follow on development. The issue is that there are those that bring in radicalizing issues that have been reflected by the increase of teenagers joining terror groups and shootings in schools (Kearney & Levine, 2015).

On the other hand, social media is educative, facilitates communication and sharing of ideas, strengthen relationships by removing geographical barriers and boost confidence for teenagers to confine in others, learn more and define themselves by choosing where they fit best.

Undoubtedly, the role of social media in broadening connections and improving technical skills cannot be overlooked. Teenagers exchange ideas across the world, which allows other to learn and in many ways protect themselves. Because of increase in hawking, teens inform each other on how to secure themselves from own experience,

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