Effect of Fatherhood on Child Development

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For one to be a good father, one must learn how to be a good father. Not everyone in life has a father of their own, and not everyone has the resources to learn what is right from wrong in the realm of parenting. Being a father cannot be an easy job, as all aspects of childcare are incredibly difficult.

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But when there is a father in the equation, the quality of life increases in a massive way. Frequently in society a family finds themselves without that fatherly figure and things can get difficult for everyone involved. According to Fatherhood, one in four children are raised with no father in the picture, which is approximately 19,700,000 children, in America. The Department of Education reported that this is the case for 39% of students. The child is the one who is most affected by it, with the lack of a father leaving every aspect of their lives troubled. In Nodaway County, 24% of children live with one parent as well.

This epidemic of forgotten offspring creates issue for the child involved. Those without fathers find themselves in more unfortunate circumstances, and behavioral issues stem from it. Children are more likely to be abused, which leads into a whole world of new problems. They also tend to lean towards crime, alcohol and drugs, and have a higher tendency to fall victim to teen pregnancy. Obesity is also an issue high on the list, with children not learning the discipline they need from their father figure. On top of behavioral issues, poverty comes out of living in a single parent household.

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