Education Of Fredrick Douglass

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Fredrick Douglass speaks on his life growing up as a slave. Fredrick Douglassr’s educational journey began when his kind mistress begins to teach him his ABCr’s. This only lasts until she is forbidding by her husband to do so. His reasoning’s are such as a slave should know nothing but to obey his master-to do as he is told to. He also goes on to mention that knowing how to read would make the slave unmanageable, of no value, as well as the fact that the slave himself would be unhappy.

All these words did the exact opposite of what Thomas Auld was attempting to do. These words introduced Douglass to a whole new thought process. As he calls it a new revelation. Auldr’s words demonstrate the value of literacy, because his fear of Douglass gaining knowledge demonstrates that he could use the knowledge against his masters. Through literacy Douglass gains conciseness, and by his masterr’s words he realizes the powers he can gain through them. He realizes everything his master wants for him, is what benefits him the least. This persuades him to continue to seek education. His masters bitterness and his mistressr’s kindness inspires him to do the opposite of what they wanted.

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Douglass continues his journey to education, on his own. Having no regular tutor, he still manages to learn to read and write. He does this, despite his owners monitoring him to assure he isnt learning. This shows his persistence, and the fact that he knew knowledge could get him far. He learns by taking lessons from boys on the streets, while he was on his errands. These boys were willing to give him lessons, knowing they could suffer consequences from their actions.

As Douglass expands his education and becomes more aware of the details of slavery, he began to question everything. He realized it is not fair for the white boys to be free at 21, while he is destined to be a slave for life. The book The Columbian Orator, was one of his most influential books as it included a slave and master. In their discussions, the slave made some great points, that allows Douglass to further open his mind. The further he reads, the more his hatred grows for his owners, as he realized the unfairness of their actions. His reading makes him realize how awful and unfair his situation actually was, and the fact that he could do nothing about it despairs him.

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