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Edgar Allan Poe was a man who had passion and talent for literature. He was a writer, editor, and critic from the Gothic Era who dug deep in the human heart. Although he lived a dark past, he still had the ability to look at the positive aspects of life. The tragedies that occured during his childhood, his heartbreaks, the death of loved ones, and his bad habits led him to produce quality short stories.

Poe was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. Eliza Arnold and David Poe Jr., parents of Edgar, were both very successful when it came to their occupations. Eliza was an actress while David pursued law. During the peak of their career, two years prior, they gave birth to Edgar’s older brother, William Henry Leonard. Soon after Edgar was born, he caused a financial crisis to the Poe family. The birth of Edgar left his parents with no money, causing David to beg for money (Edgar Allan Poe is born). Soon after their marriage, David thought it was best to join his wife in the acting career. Unlike his wife, he did not have the skill to win the heart of the audience. Dealing with an unsuccessful career and harsh criticism, David fell into depression and picked up a serious drinking problem (Meyers 3-4).

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Because of lack of money and depression, his parents thought it was best to leave five-week-old Edgar in Baltimore with his grandparents, David and Elizabeth Poe.

After some time, Edgar’s parents came back to pick him up. He and his newly born sister, Rosalie, were in the hands of an old nursemaid who was thin and weak. The nursemaid fed them bread soaked in gin and opium dissolved in alcohol to make them strong and healthy (Meyers 5).

At the age of two, Edgar’s dad left the family due to harsh criticism for his poor acting skills. David Jr. later died on December 11, 1811. After David’s death, Eliza and her three unwanted children dealt with poverty and had to move from lodge to lodge. After a short and stressful life, Eliza died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-four on December 8. Edgar never really knew his mother and didn’t enjoy the company of his alcoholic father. Due to severe poverty, Edgar’s paternal grandparents could not care for him. Poe and his sister were sent to separate families but lived close to each other. Poe was then in the care of John and Frances Allan (Meyers 6-7).

John and Frances Allan lived in a two story house in Richmond, Virginia. The couple ran a company beneath their house. They lived with Nancy Allan, Frances’ sister. John ran the business with his partner, Charles Ellis. They sold merchandise to the town people,

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