Early Childhood Education Philosophy

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Early Childhood Development Philosophy

You have been dreading this day all summer. You made a special dinner, took a little longer washing her hair and brushing it, even longer with night time cuddles and story time, and when you went to close the door you looked over at her sparkly backpack and a blue dress with a matching bow and you can’t help but to feel her excitement but also sadness. You walk to the kitchen and make her favorite sandwich and pack all her favorite snacks in her matching sparkly lunchbox.

You turn out all the lights, pick up her toys from today, and make your way down the hall to your bedroom. Before laying down you pop your head in one more time to just see if maybe she magically turned back into a toddler so you could cherish a few more years of her being your little baby, you sigh as you see her sleeping peacefully, and close the door. The next morning is filled with a sense of excitement, anxiety, and a sense of urgency as you miscalculated how long it would take to get a 5-year old ready for her first day of Kindergarten. You drive her to school and walk her in to her classroom, just to make sure she knows where everything is. You reach her classroom, and your eyes start stinging with tears, you fight them back, so she won’t know.

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At the same time you see a woman with a warm smile, she walks towards the door and greets your daughter and hands her a blue card with a star on it and shows her where to put her things and how to find her seat using that card. Your daughter laughs at the silly hat the woman is wearing and sits down and starts giggling with the little girl across the table who has the same backpack as her! The woman reassures you that she will be just fine and she will be sending pictures to every parent during her lunch to show them how their day is going. I Am That Woman. I am the person that you will trust your baby with most likely for the very first time. I am the one that will fan the flame that you started when you taught her how to say her first words and taught her how to ride her bike. My name is Savanna and I am your daughter’s Kindergarten teacher.

Family Support

To ensure that every family is supported in a way that they specifically need I would use the weeks after registration to set up either a phone call or email conference with the parents of my children before school started. I would ask them things about their child to get to know them better and open a line of communication with the parents/guardians.

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