Dust Bowl Relocation

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The Dust Bowl, itself left no option but to force thousands of poor families to flee especially the farmers who had farms, land and property, a high rate of crop destruction was made which caused the inability to grow crops such as cotton and wheat. The states that had suffered greatly in the early 1930s were Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas from the rapid increase of the severe drought that lasted not even for months but for several years. People from the plains had noticed that there seemed not to be as much rainfall in the region anymore.

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This horrible drought had produced an ecological disaster, caused by the shocking dust storms which had arisen by the weakened plowed topsoil. Even though the Dust Bowl migration was due to poor agricultural and farming practices, there are other factors that lead this migration. One circumstance was that not all people that left in the migration were just farmers. Residents left also in the sense to settle and start a new life easily. The state of California had attracted many of the migrants coming over, and apart from the poor living conditions, the climate and its abundant resources available, the beauty of the landscape was above all.

During that time there were various ways to attract people to California, such as advertisers and advertisements saying, come to California to find the good life. Obviously, many came from different states, causing a huge population growth during those years but some migrants from the south had been very successful farmers who wanted to seek more American opportunities, trying to own a piece of land in the west. Many of the migrant families were forced to migrate to California seeking work because of the drought which at the time had already lasted many years. Some problems that arose resulting, from this drought, led to a widespread hunger and poverty. More than 500,000 Americans were left homeless and over 350 houses were completely torn down. Families felt that they had no choice but to leave their country in search of work in the west. When families began to move from the Plains, especially in Oklahoma and Kansas, most fell ill and died of dust pneumonia or malnutrition. Not all immigrants traveled a long distance, some just went to the next town or county. One of the largest migrations in American history within a short time was the Dust Bowl exodus that lasted between 1930 and 1940. About 3.5 million people moved out of the Plains and migrated elsewhere. In a year, over 86,000 people migrated to California, more than the number of migrants during the 1849 Gold Rush.

After migrants came to California, many hoped to be hired on California farms, learning how to grow fruits and vegetables while living on the farms they worked,

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