Dust Bowl and Great Depression Expository

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Everybody in America faced problems during the Great Depression. The Great Depression started October 29, 1929 and at the end of 1933 millions of Americans had no jobs, the depression started to end around 1941. Three things not heavily realized affected by the Great Depression, politics in California, Okies in California, and the election of 1932 FDR. These three things, Politics in California, Okies in California, and the 1932 election of FDR were affected by the Depression, heres why.

During the depression and after the Dust Bowl Okies had lost everything. They were originally farmers from the Southern Plains but the Dust Bowl hit and they lost everything, then they overproduced and prices dropped heavily from the bushel and left basically everyone broke. Most of them went to California to find a job because there was a diversity of crops to be grown there and they thought there would be more job opportunities. As soon as they got their California had an issue, California had once advertised for more migrant workers found themselves overwhelmed by up to 7,000 new migrants a month. They were not as ready for this as they thought they were there was so many new people it was a huge sudden change and there wasnt jobs for everybody. There was some jobs to be had but it was astonishing how many new people were coming monthly in time. Thus, some people didn’t get the life they were looking for, But there wasn’t enough work for everyone who came. Instead of immediate riches, they often found squalor in roadside ditch encampments. Most had not gotten the life they wanted instead they were back to square one with nothing. They had to figure out what to do in little time to make money or they would be set like this for a long time. Places like this wheren’t ideal to live in especially when it comes to sanitation. Furthermore, Due to insufficient sanitation in these camps, disease ran rampant among the migrant workers and their families had no running water, and with their minimal pay medical attention was out of the question. Disease spreads like wildfire with no sanitation it can get many people sick and especially with no money for medical attention they had nothing to treat them and just hoped it would get better. That obviously in most cases doesnt work and ends up killing hundreds maybe thousands of people. Okies in California wheren’t getting the journey and prosperity they were hoping for from the dust bowl and the great depression.

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