Dust Bowl and Great Depression Expository Essay

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During the early 1900s, those who were living inside of the United States or those who migrated from elsewhere were determined and willing to work hard in order to pursue the American Dream. Those who werent very recognized but yet notably ambitious in achieving their dreams were Chinese workers that immigrated to California, middle class families in New York, and NYC entrepreneurs, who were all tirelessly aiming for a prosperous future. Unfortunately for them, the United States is about to be hit by a nationwide economic crisis known as the Great Depression, which would greatly impact the country, and would later pose as a tragedy for the three groups, as the Chinese Workers in the West Coast would firsthand experience repressive racial discrimination, middle class New Yorkers facing economic deprivation, and entrepreneurs having to deal with bankruptcy..

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The Great Depression had a severe impact to Chinese workers because they became targets of oppressive discrimination.

Firstly, many Chinese workers were at risk for replacement, despite most were putting their utmost effort in their work and determined to stay in employment. Chinese-Americans typically worked in low-paid, low-level jobs, but faced increasing pressure for these positions from white Americans laid off elsewhere. Chinese workers passionate about their job would do what theyre asked, and fulfill their duties, but when theyre going to be replaced for a white American, theres no doubt racial discrimination poses as a factor for their termination.

Furthermore, the harsh discrimination would be tougher for unemployed Chinese men to look for a job, especially in occupations pivotal to society such as farming. Some Americans that were against Chinese workers seeking a job in the Agriculture business were protesting to the government. In some areas, white farmers actively campaigned against the employment of Asians. Some Chinese men that moved to California could prove to be competent farmers. Farmers in China are renowned for being able to grow and harvest a variety of crops such as rice, wheat, and corn. However, the prior experience that they possess is considered inconsequential to American farmers, as their hostile behavior towards Chinese men wanting to become farmers in the new land suggest that regardless of their ability, they do not want them to be working in the fields simply because of their racial heritage.

Finally, the situation that the Chinese Americans found themselves in was made worse as the American people, afraid that they might take over jobs and the economy, assaulted the minority workers as charities refused to provide assistance for the unfortunate migrants. Most of the helpful charities would refuse to help them and provide them with food. Violence grew against the minorities, as the white would take over their jobs. The cruel treatment that the Chinese were subjected to clearly reveals just how unfair Americans were acting towards the Asians.

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