Drugs – The Link to Crimes

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There is a link if you look back at the broken window theory on crime, a link that would apply to our current issues in American society in dealing with narcotics, crime and criminals. A century ago things were a bit different. The types and quantities of street level drugs were just not there, this is a crucial thing that should be considered when we start looking at current crime trends and causes. When people first found gold in the hills of California and Alaska, most if not all of the crimes then could be linked back directly to the gold, and greed, or as some would say the gold addiction. America today is a largely different place than it was back then, better in some ways, and worse in others. People still have needs. And desires, which can lead to addiction, and the availability of many drugs makes it easy. The problems surface as with so many things when the money is needed to obtain those objects of desire. When the money runs out, the need and want remains, and people will do mostly anything to get the money as satisfy that need. This can lead to prostitution, robberies, burglaries, thefts, and even murder, as we so often seen now in the border town of Juarez Mexico. The broken window theory basically showed a link with all the crime in a general area, like a neighborhood, to a broken window on a vacant home. People would see vandalism being done to the home, and turned a blind eye to it. The community showed that they did not care, which led to people hanging out in the home, doing more vandalism, then prostitutes would use it, then drug dealing. At each step the community failed to care, and all the crime could be linked back to the one, the first broken window. Like the broken window theory, is there a link with amount of crimes committed in the US and narcotics, the use and sales of drugs? If we pay attention and try to repair the broken window of our communities today (drugs), will this make a difference in the crime rate of the United States? Getting rid of the addiction, the supply and desire would lower crime rates. The United States is the number one consumer of illegal narcotics worldwide. So, it should be no surprise that there is a huge addiction problem across the country. Criminals across the globe will do anything to get their product to the customer; this basic supply and demand system is wreaking havoc on the streets of America. The users will do just about anything to get what they desire, when they run out of money, this leads to thefts, robberies, burglaries, and even murder. The street level dealers will break every law in the book to ensure they meet the demand. The people need solutions to the want and desire, if the treatment to the addiction works,

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