Drug and Alcohol Addiction As Leading Disorder in America

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Substance Abuse

        Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the leading disorders in America. Over 21.5 million people are addicted to some sort of substance abuse. Alcohol and drug abuse is a social issue that is still relevant in today’s society.

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Substance abuse can break down families and destroy lives. Why isn’t the matter more looked into? Addiction is a brain disease that causes the body to become dependent on that substance wether alcohol of drugs. Once the body starts to crave the drugs and alcohol you are hooked . Why does substance abuse consider a social issue. Once you become addicted it leads to drugged and drunk driving, violence, stress, mental issues and domestic abuse. Substance abuse not only affects the user but everyone else around them as well.

        Drug and alcohol addiction pertains to me as I’ve seen the affects of substance abuse not directly to me personally but others around me. I felt this topic was research elements that can inevitably help the future of people dealing with substance abuse. In 2017 72,000 people lost their life due to substance abuse. Substance  abuse is a difficult topic as it has a big affect globally not just the United States. (Koob, G. F., Arends, M., & Moal, M. L. 2014). Curently Substance Abuse victims first need to detox their bodies from all the drugs and poison from their bodies by doing so  it will cleanse their bodies and allow them to begin their road to recovery. After that they are given Counciling either one to one or group mediation. Usually rehabilitation takes 6 to 12 months in a facility. I feel there can be a more efficient way to help people suffering from substance abuse in stead of them just going to a rehab center and being released. Drug abuse  I feel as a social entrepreneur it’s important to address these social issues that can be enhanced to provide a better quality of life but it all starts with one person who use dedicated to that cause.

        Our culture is used to seeing people over dose all over social media but why not see what we can do to prevent people starting in the first place. Now with these new synthetic drugs it’s been easier to get high with a fraction of the price. Synthetic drugs are far worse then anyone expected. The amount of over dose and deaths due to the synthetic drugs , makes it the most dangerous of them. Addiction can also trigger depression, psychosis, and anxiety, and greatly increase the risk of suicidal ideation. It can also deeply impair people around the individual, destroying relationships and finances, and even pushing people towards illicit activity and crime.(Felman 2018). We need to find ways to prevent people from being addicts in the first place.

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