Drug Addiction Is A Version Of Substance

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Drug addiction is a version of substance use disorder disease. The understanding of substance use disorders is important, because anyone has the potential for suffering from it directly or indirectly. No one plans to be an addict; repeated use of chemicals can create nerve links in the brain that cause addiction. Addiction is considered biopsychosocial disorder, in which physical, mental and social factors are intertwined. Since today’s world society extends way beyond one’s home, addiction and substance abusers can affect wide range of social groups.

The purpose of this Academic research study is to answer what are the factors of drug addiction and its potential impact on individuals and society. The reason for this thesis topic is the increase in rate at which drug is abused among the adolescents according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The answer will provide the health consequences of drug addiction including short and long term, direct and indirect effects on individuals and how drug abusers affect those around them regarding violence, injury and communicable diseases.

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Additionally, it will incorporate the more extensive negative results might be seen in instructive level, business, lodging, connections, and criminal equity association. On the other hand, determining the risk factors that can increase a person’s chances for drug abuse. The goal of the answer is to find out how daily physical and non-physical functions are affected by the use of drugs. The purpose of my research is to bring awareness of factors that place youth at risk which prevention of drug abuse requires. Also, educating the society members with the addiction impacts will strengthen their immunity and refusal to it.

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