Dream Job in The Army

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I really didn’t know what I really wanted to do when I graduated and it never crossed my mind until my senior year. It wasn’t up until like October of 2018 when a Army recruiter and talked to us in Mr. Pierson’s economics class.

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And usually when a Army recruiter comes and talks to us I usually never pay attention. But this time it was a different vibe with Sergeant William T. Harris. He know how to keep our attention, so that’s what I did. He was talking about all the benefits The Army could give. It offers health and dental benefits, vacation time, family services, special pay for special duties, cash allowances to cover the cost of living and money to repay your college loans and so much more. I put a lot of thought into and I finally decided that I wanted to join The Army. But it wasn’t only because it could pay for my college, it also had to do with patriotism. I feel like the United States has done so much for me that I can never repay it. Giving me freedom, rights, and help me find happiness. So I thought the Army was the best way to repay what the country has given me.

And I looked at a brochure and did some digging and I found what job I wanted to do in the Army Infantry: The infantry is the main land combat force and backbone of the Army. They are responsible for defending our country against any threat by land, as well as capturing, destroying and repelling enemy ground forces. And I know the risk of being a Infantry man. I could potentially be Killing in action and to be honest I’m not really scared of dying. But before I can even think of enlisting in the Army I need to make sure I qualify for the Army. You can check if your pre-qualify for the army on the GoArmy website. It will ask you basic questions that you need to answer to see if you can enlist. You also need to go to a doctor to make sure that you are healthy and you can’t have any felonies or else they won’t let you enlist. And once the you get checked off and they let you enlist there is still lots you have to do before you get into “action”.

When you get shipped out to wherever location they send you, you have to go through Basic Training: the initial period of training for new personnel,

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