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Most people have never heard of the profession called CRNA. This profession is highly unrecognized and the numbers show it. There are only 38,000 practicing CRNAs (this doesn’t include student CRNAs) in the United States which may seem like a lot but compared to say construction workers which are employed by the millions, the number is miniscule.

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CRNAs are just as important as Anesthesiologists if not more since they do the same job and more of the prep work. Through the study of nursing and anesthesia, the student of medicine can better understand anesthesiology. Most CRNAs have a minimum of a masters degree but you can get a doctoral degree in this field. “Becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) can be a rewarding career choice due to personal satisfaction, benefits to society, and relatively generous compensation” (How).

CRNAs require several years of schooling and experience prior to becoming certified in their field. AANA provides a possible path to becoming a Nursing Anesthetist. First, earn a BSN degree or something similar, while it is not required for you to earn a BSN to become an RN a BSN can give an edge on the competition when applying to any accredited CRNA program.

Triton college has an Associates degree of Nursing program which partners with other Bachelors of Science in Nursing programs. Tritons program is a two-year course that includes clinical time as well as lab and lecture classes. Triton held an ADN seminar to help anyone wanting to go into the program find more information regarding what classes they need to take, how selective the program is, when the program’s application exams are, how the scoring for the program works, and some information about the TEAS exam.

There are a bunch of classes needed just for general education for getting into the program but the three most important classes are BIS 241, PSY100, and RHT 101. The reason behind these classes being the most important is they add to your admission points. The minimum number of points is 6 while the max is 10. Just because someone meets the minimum doesn’t mean they will be accepted into the program. An applicants GPA will earn them points toward their admission but the GPA accounts for the 3 courses listed earlier. For example, the applicant needs AT LEAST a 2.5 to get in. If they earned a “C” in RHT, a “C” in PSY, and a “B” in BIS their total GPA would only be a 2.4 and they would not be qualified to be considered into the program. From a GPA of 2.5-2.9 will earn the applicant 2 points. A GPA from 3.0-3.49 will be given 3 points. The highest amount of points to be earned from a GPA is 4 points meaning those 3 courses earn a GPA of 3.5 or more.

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