Downfall by All The Characters in “Animal Farm”

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Downfalls can be provoked by many actions that are being done incorrect. In George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, the downfall was lead by all the characters in this fiction story. There are many occasions in the story that lead to the downfall of the republic.

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First, the ethics that they had planned for Animal Farm were too laborious for them to handle. Next, no one enforced the checks and balance system, which made the leader too powerful. Then, it was the gullibility of the republic citizens who didn’t do anything about the problems at Animal Farm. Last, the citizen’s greed of the republic only cared about themselves, and not about the other citizens. Greed, not taking action, gullibility, and ideals being too difficult to handle, were events that lead to the downfall, which could have been interfered.

Ideals that can’t be put into action can lead to this appalling downfall. Old Major introduced the Seven Commandments that were later written on a wall, which all citizens should follow. Many of the commandments were being changed, but no one seemed to do anything. No one stepped up to Napoleon, or asked him any questions. Napoleon later started selling timber to Frederick. Which later turned out that Frederick’s bank notes were forgeries. There were plenty of rumors that Frederick and his men were trying to attack Animal Farm. These rumors were out before the republic citizens knew Napoleon was selling timber to Frederick. Napoleon wasn’t listening to these rumors, or the republic citizens, which turned out Frederick was getting free timber. Their luxurious lifestyle aspects was to not drink alcohol, not to sleep in a bed, or not to wear clothes. These luxurious lifestyle aspects were in the Seven Commandments. The upper class started to break these rules, which lead to everyone else doing the same. This made it hard for the republic citizens to live their luxurious lifestyle aspects that Old Major would have wanted them to have.

The propaganda technique that was used in this novel was Bandwagon. When a fraction of the citizens started to break the rules, the rest of them followed. They thought if everyone else is breaking the rules then it was the right concept. For example, when some of the farm citizens started drinking alcohol, no one stopped them. When the fraction of farm citizens started drinking alcohol, this was breaking the fifth commandment. The group of citizens that broke the commandment tried to be smart, so they added at the end of the fifth commandment, in excess.

First, all of the farm citizens broke the Seven Commandments. Next, Napoleon got played by Frederick by trying to sell timber to him. Last, the farm citizens didn’t follow the luxurious lifestyle aspects that Old Major would have wanted them to.

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