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Down syndrome: Causes, symptoms, and diagnosis

Down syndrome also knows as Trisomy 21. The disease is the most prevailing genetic disease around the world. It is also the most shared genetic source of intellectual disabilities emerging in about 1 in 400-1500 newborns (Kazemi, Mansoor et. al). According to Research In approximately 95% cases, the extra chromosome occurs as a result of […]

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Down Syndrome: Trisomy 21 – Causes, Symptoms and Risks

The most common type of chromosomal abnormality is an aneuploidy, a chromosome mutation in which the number of chromosomes in an individual differs from that of the wild type organism. When an individual has an extra or partial extra copy of chromosome 21, Down syndrome occurs. Down syndrome is one of the most commonly occurring […]

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What is Down Syndrome? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Introduction: Understanding the development of children is important. The delayed or accelerated expectations and milestones that each child reaches varies. It is vital to understand that each child develops differently and at their own pace. Children that are born with Trisomy 21 also known as, Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that is caused by […]

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About Down Syndrome

Why are some people the way they are? It is common knowledge that we are all born different and our individuality is what defines us. B. Topic Reveal: I would like to inform you and bring to light a disease that is currently active today and affecting thousands. Down Syndrome. C. Credibility Statement: Over the […]

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Down syndrome – Symptoms and causes

Genetics Genes play an important role in life reproduction. The inheritance of specific chromosomes can increase the likelihood for many problems or diseases. Health care has conducted enough research to estimate the probability of genetic mutations that can cause developmental disabilities. Genes serve as blueprints to influence body structure and composition (McCance & Huether, 2014). […]

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Having a down syndrome baby

Genetic qualities can impact the shade of an infant’s eyes and hair, yet it can also affect the development of certain birth defect and genetic issues. Genetic screening is offered to every single pregnant lady, and it’s normally talked about amid the main pre-birth visit. This is important for people with disabilities in contemporary society […]

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Down Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Down Syndrome occurs when a person is born with an extra copy of the twenty-first chromosome. The syndrome gets its name from John Langdon Down, an English Physician. In 1866, he published the first accurate description of a person with Down Syndrome; However, it wasn’t until 1959 that Down Syndrome was identified as a Chromosomal […]

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Down Syndrome and What Causes It

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects many in our world today. But what exactly is Down syndrome and what causes it? I always thought Down syndrome is a disorder that runs in the family and is inherited. According to Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Down syndrome is a disorder that results when a person […]

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Down syndrome – Genetic Disease

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs in 1 in every 800 births (History of Down’s Syndrome, p1). A person with down syndrome has certain facial features and disorders that differ from someone without the disability. The genetic disorder causes many challenges for the person effected, but it does not hinder them from leading […]

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The Definition of Down Syndrome

The definition of Down Syndrome: a genetic condition that results when there is an extra copy of a specific chromosome. But how does this happen? This occurs when an error in cell division results in an extra 21st chromosome, which can be detected before or after birth. Down Syndrome affects 1 in every 700 pregnancies, […]

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Down Syndrome in Society

For over a century Down Syndrome was a condition misunderstood and hidden by society. Kids born with the disability were hidden and sent to asylums to spend the rest of their life concealed away from the world. Parent’s embarrassment caused by this condition forced them to abandon their own children and pretend they did not […]

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Causes of Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a condition that has to do with the chromosome 21. This genetic disorder affects about 1 to 800 live born babies or 1 to 1000. The reason that people can get this disorder is by having an extra copy of chromosome 21. Your genetics have to do with everything that you do […]

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