Double Consciousness

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“The Souls of Black Folks” investigates the concept of double consciousness. According to W.E.B. Du Bois (1903) double consciousness is looking at one’s self through the eyes of another who sees you with amused disapproval and contempt.

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The concept discusses the progress and the struggle for freedom that African American went through up until 1903. Du Bois explores the inner struggle that the African American went through in the Caucasian-dominated culture. This paper examines Du Bois theory of double consciousness within the context of how Africans American see themselves through the eyes of European Americans who saw them with contempt and disregard. The black that is the African American had no ways to describe the feeling or the pain that the American subjected them. The two different views from each thus resulted in the concept of double consciousness. Primarily, double consciousness was developed as a result of close to three centuries of slavery experienced by African Americans. They experiences al sought of prejudice from the mainstream culture. To Du Bois, the concept of the veil referred to one the dark skin of the blacks which was the real distinction of the blacks from the whites. Second, it represented the lack of the whites to see the blacks as true Americans and also the lack of the blacks to view themselves different from what the white saw them. In their lifetime the African American had their most devastating time at the time the realized they were blacks and that was a problem and this to them was a life-altering encounter. The blacks had a hard time as they had to split their inner self to fit in and they had to see themselves in the eyes of the white. To DuBois, the veil meant that the white could not see the black beyond their race and the black,

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