Doing Business in Emerging Global Markets

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Doing Business in Emerging Global Markets Title: Upon leaving University, you join a business consultancy and are asked to investigate the risks of one of your clients expanding their business and investing in an Emerging/Growing market outside of Europe or North America. Introduction: This report will be looking to analysis the risk of one of my clients business and investment in an automotive manufacturing company in the emerging market of Turkey. This essay will be looking at the risk and benefits of taking such action. After this analysis the report will have a discussion point, putting forward reasons why my client has reason to worry about starting a business in Turkey and reasons for approving such action. The finale part of the report will be a conclusion outlining my recommendations for the client. Method: The way in which this report will generate information will be through secondary data already publically available online, such as the UK trade and Investment website and various similar websites. In the risk analysis, the report will be using SWOT analysis, which stands for strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the automotive manufacturing company. To analysis the risk of Turkey, the report will be using PESTLE analysis, which stands for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment. SWOT analysis of the automotive industry Strengths: Emerging countries such as China, Brazil and India offer incredible sales potential as vehicle ownership rates in these countries are still be well behind those in developed countries, E.G. US, UK and Germany (KPMG 2013). It is predicted that by 2020 China will be responsible for nearly one third of new vehicle sales worldwide. There is evidence that shows China’s demand for automotive vehicle will grow by 7.4% by 2020, while India demand will increase by 11% in the same period (KPMG 2013). Weaknesses Opportunities Threats PESTLE analysis: Political: After the protest of 2013 there are growing worries within the AK party about Recep Tayyip Erdogans (Turkish prime minister) authoritarian on turkish people (The Economist 2013). Also on March 13th 2014 there was violent unrest in at least 32 towns and cities across the country showing a lack of political control of the population (BBC News 2014). There is currently outrage in turkey since a recording emerged which allegedly features the prime minister and his son discussing how to hide large sums of cash (BBC News 2014). A Possible political strength of Turkey is that it is a supporter of the liberal trade and investment policy, which allow open trade between different countries in the EU, allowing Turkish firms the chance to get bigger and more successful in the global economy (UK Essay N/A). Economic: “Turkish growth slowed down to just 3% in 2013, meanwhile in America the Federal Reserve plans to reduce quantitative easing, thus putting pressure on countries which need capital flow”(The Economist 2013). Turkey is exposed to this as it has a low saving rate,

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