Does University Shape Young Entrepreneurs Business Essay

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In this short research proposal I have tried to explain the importance of study on Europe Universities in entrepreneur education. I have the objective of understanding the facts about universities in Europe are able to train young students in Entrepreneurship through various courses offered by them and find out the how do they do this. This research proposal firstly gives a clear view on why this study has to be undertaken and what the requirement of such a research is for us.

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It gives information about what is entrepreneur and how the relevance of this term has evolved over the years and how this term has emerged to broader aspect in today’s era. Since there has been a different perceptive about the term, we will try to understand the relevance of this subject in recent times. We have even discussed the emergence of entrepreneurship education over the years which give a clear understanding of its progress. Further to this, I have clearly mentioned the objective and significance of this study. Going ahead, we will find out what all projects were undertaken in past on this subject and e will conduct in-depth study of those data. We will even try to find out what the expert’s opinion on this subject and what various think flow are there about subject. To start our data collection we will go ahead with the sample we have decided for our project and we will accumulate the maximum possible information. Out of all this information we will sort the data and classify it according to its relevancy. All this data will be then studied to prepare the final report of the research. Introduction Some days back, I came across one article from INSEAD (2008) named as ‘The Internet Entrepreneur: Made, not Born.’ Since years there has been a debate over subject “Are Entrepreneurs are born or made??” No one has been really able to answer the question in a perfect manner. But as you can see, in today’s world there are so many universities are taking up classes in Entrepreneurship. Now it has been a question, whether entrepreneurship is an innate ability or certain people are born with quality of acting as an entrepreneur. There have been diversified views about this question among all thinkers. There are some people with the thinking that now days this question is obsolete.

“An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.”

Firstly we will look what is Entrepreneurship, is it just innovation or something more than that. Entrepreneurship is not only about innovation, but it starts with innovation. An entrepreneur has to take efforts to make his innovation transformed into economic good while taking care of finances and business understanding required to carry on the process.

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