Does Poverty Serve as a root cause of Terrorism?

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Poverty can be described as the state of inadequacy or scarcity of certain amount of material procession and financial resources, (Cocciaet al., 58-165). It is a multisided concept that also includes lack of the socioeconomic, political and emotional elements. There are several types of poverty in the society today, and they tend to affect the way of living for those people afflicted. People affected by poverty in the society today range from temporary situations that are seasonal to abject poverty associated with homeless people and street families.

According to the World Bank (Global Monitoring Report), approximately over seven hundred million people lived in poverty, (Sawalhaet al., 183-202). About half of this population lived in sub-Saharan Africa.Itis estimated that half of the world children live in poverty. Some of the liberal approaches from global financial institutions have been blamed for the worsening of both poverty and inequality especially in developing economies.

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In many instances, people living in poverty work hard to improve their financial situations and living conditions. Most people resort to indulge in income generating activities to improve their situations, however some resort to get-rich-quick schemes to escape the pangs of poverty. In most cases, the get-rich-quick schemes are not as lucrative as they seem and participants end up being conned by scammers, (Cocciaet al., 58-165). The purpose of this essay, therefore, is to analyze the role of poverty as a cause of terrorism in the world, its effects and some of the remedies that can be put in place to curb the rise of terrorism as a result of poverty.

Some of the major causes of poverty in the world today include poor infrastructure, corruption, and embezzlement of public funds by individuals in power, poor leadership structures especially in sub-Saharan Africa, unemployment, illnesses and lack of skills and training. These factors force people to live in conditions that they would have otherwise avoided had the circumstances changed in support their positive ambitions. As a result, brilliant young people faced with lack of opportunity and income sources resort to join terror groups not because they support the cause but so that their lives can improve.

Terrorism, on the other hand, can be described as the unlawful perpetration of violence and bullying carried out by sections of people mostly armed militia against innocent civilians, (Sawalhaet al., 183-202). The main aims of terror groups are to orchestrate violent attacks, abduction of civilians and looting/ destruction of property to fulfill political, religious and or ideological goals, (Cocciaet al., 58-165). Poverty has over the years been linked as one of the causes of terrorism in the world today. In most cases, the allure to join terror groups is juiced up by the promise of monetary gains and better living conditions for those who participate.

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