Does Democracy Ensure Freedom?

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Most of us at one point in life we might have asked our self, does democracy ensure our freedom? According to me, democracy ensures freedom, however, it does not always ensure freedom. Democracy is a type governance where the supreme power established by people for them is controlled by then indirectly with the use of representatives. According to Abraham Lincoln,democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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(Buccola, 9) Thus democratic nation sums up all their supreme powers and vests them the people they elect to represent them. On the other hand, freedom can be defined as the state of being free to do anything that you want. Additionally, in democratic countries, freedom is a political right. This paper will discuss broadly if really democracy ensures freedom?

Democracy is made up of two main principles which are equality and freedom. Hence, in democratic nations, their citizens are viewed as all equal before the law, and thus they all have a similar approach to the supreme powers of the country (Miller78, 447). The principle of freedom assures all certain legitimized freedom and liberty in democracy, which is mainly protected by the country’s constitution. Freedom is also classified into two main concepts, which are negative freedom and positive freedom. In Positive freedom is the freedom to do anything apart from the freedom of interfering. While the negative freedom comprises of all options of all freedoms which are open to a person or a group people in general which interferes with the freedom of others(Arendt, 33).

In defining democracy, the most essential element is self-rule. The term democracy is made of two Greek words that are ‘demos’ and ‘Kratos,’ which mean people rule. This element of democracy is a very the fundamental concept of democracy since it secures the rights and freedom of people being governed. In a democratic of government people are sovereign, and thus they are the highest system of political authority (Hayward, 269). From this, we see that its citizens people must fully accept all the decisions created by the government. For instance, during elections period, all political candidates are given a chance to campaign freely so that can share their ideologies and policies with the voters allowing the voters to scrutinize every candidate’s ideas.

According to Lewis, consent is an essential element in a democratic nation. However, it’s not a different component. The most significant thing is not whether a large population of the voting population agrees or approves the government and their policies, but its the manner in which the consent is secured. Having the power to vote for someone to represent you in making laws is freedom (Miller78, 447). This is because it likes you are employing somebody to work for you,

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