Doctor Career Path

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My INFJ personality type is the advocate. The career path that I find the most interest in is becoming a doctor. This job would be most recommended for me since I have a desire to guide and connect with others with what they need assistance in.

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In addition, I find the need to ensure that what I’m doing has a meaning, guides people with what they medically need, improves personal health, and leads with my values, principles and beliefs. A doctor is someone this is qualified and eligible enough to be trusted with medicine and attention seeking patients. A career as a doctor is right for me because I find it easy to develop connections with others and I take pleasure in co-operating with a group of people that have a similar mindset as mine. To become a doctor, there are many key steps to follow.

The first step is to earn a bachelor’s degree in any science to get into medical school. Medical schools appeal for applicants who have a comprehensive educational background. The second step is to take the medical college admission test, which is a computer-based standardized exam for medical students.. These performance scores are required by nearly all medical schools in the nation. The third step is to earn a medical degree by attending medical school, which generally last up to four years. The first two years involve classroom and laboratory work, and the other two years enable students to work with patients, but with the supervision of skilled doctors. The fourth step is to complete a residency program. These programs offer aspiring doctors a chance to work directly with patients in a specific area of medicine.

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